FiiO K7 BT Desktop DAC and Headphone Amplifier

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FiiO K7 BT Desktop DAC and Headphone Amplifier

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Key info

  • Six-stage audio circuit with balanced analogue and digital sections for reduced crosstalk, ensuring high-quality music reproduction.
  • Utilizes THX AAA 788+ amplifiers, delivering powerful output to both low and high-impedance headphones with minimal distortion.
  • Equipped with efficient and high-performance DACs for rich and refined overall sound quality.
  • XMOS XUF208 decoder chip enables seamless processing of various audio formats, enhancing the listening experience.
  • Displays single and mixed colors with a subtle light effect during power on/off and input switching, adding visual appeal.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight ~620 g
Dimensions (HxWxD) ~120 × 168 × 55 mm
Amplifier type Dual THX AAA 788+
DAC Chip 2 x AK4493SEX
Output power Output power 1: ≥L+R22000mW/+2000mW (32Ω, balanced/THD+N < 1%); Output power 2: ≥L+R21220mW+1220mW(32Ω, single-ended/THD+N<1%)
Output Impedance <1Ω (328 load)
THD+N PO <0.00028% (1 kHz,32Ω,dbA); LO < 0.0005% (1 kHz,32Ω,dbA)
SNR PO≥123dB (A-weighted, UAC); BAL ≥120dB(A-weighted, UAC)
Crosstalk PO ≥77dB (1 kHz, 32Ω, USB DAC); LO ≥2102dB (1kHz, 10kΩ, USB DAC)
Outputs 6.35mm/4.4mm/RCA
Supported audio formats
Bluetooth LDAC/aptX/atpX Adaptive/ apt HD/apt× LL/AAC/SBC
Included accessories
What's in the box Bluetooth antenna, Mains cable, Power adapter, USB cable, Quick start guide

Truly balanced headphone amp Dual AK44935 DACS THX AAA 788+ amp technology | OCC5124 Bluetooth LDAC/ aptX Adaptive and other formats support App control | Multiple intelligent protection systems Power supply with numerous independent LDOs Included 12V/24W low-noise switching power supply

Since its release last year, FiiO’s desktop DAC/Amp K7 soon became popular among a large number of users in a short time, and also won many awards at home and abroad. In communication with consumers, we learned that some of them have demands for Bluetooth reception, so we are now bringing the K7 Bluetooth version.

Different from the K7, the K7 BT adopts the QCC5124 Bluetooth chip, which supports LDAC/aptX Adaptive/aptX/aptX HD/aptX LL/AAC/SBC and other high-definition Bluetooth formats. Wireless connections also allow you to get low-latency Bluetooth transmission and high-fidelity sound quality. You can upgrade the Bluetooth firmware, select Bluetooth format, customize PEQ and so on through the FiiO Control APP to further enhance the wireless experience.

Fully balanced decoding

The FiiO K7 features a six-stage audio circuit with balanced analogue and digital sections. This helps reduce crosstalk during playback and reproduces music to a high degree, so you can better enjoy the purity of your music.

High-quality balanced amplification – couldn’t sound better

The FiiO K7 uses the same THX AAA 788+ amplifiers as the K9 Pro and is capable of delivering 560 mW to a 300-ohm load at 1% distortion. And 2000 mW at a 32-ohm load at 1% distortion. This ensures that both low impedance and high impedance headphones are supplied with excihend power.

Dual AK4493SEQ – Rich and refined overall sound

The left and right channels are each equipped with an efficient high-performance AK4493SEQ DAC. With the pleasant timbre of this DAC and its rich and fine overall sound, you will be able to discover your music in a whole new way.

Groundbreaking decoding capabilities – take a journey through the world of music

The XMOS XUF208 decoder chip uses dual clock management to process different formats effortlessly. So you can listen to many audio formats with ease.

RGB Indicator – For a Colourful Performance

The RGB indicator lights can display both single and mixed colours, with an unobtrusive light effect when switching on and off, or when switching inputs.

Multiple intelligent protection systems – worry-free listening

Overheating, overload and DC protection systems ensure that the K7 always works optimally. So you can always enjoy a wonderful listening experience in a variety of scenarios.

Consistent inside and out – For pure, clean hearing

The K7 features a powerful design that consists of several independent stages. The voltage of each stage is controlled by low-noise LDOs. These are powered by an external 12 V switching power supply. All in all, the K7’s performance is designed to deliver ample, clean power for an exceptional listening experience.

Two gain levels – find a comfortable volume level

High and low gain levels allow you to easily match the FiiO K7 to headphones with different impedances and sensitivities, ensuring a rich and consistent listening experience.

High-quality construction – For an elegant experience

The FiiO K7 is made from aluminium alloy, including CNC machined parts. Its sleek black colour is perfectly complemented by the gold accents of the THX and Hi-Res Audio badges, and the RGB lighting makes for an extremely luxurious appearance.

Precisely tuned volume – for a truly moving experience

Thanks to ADC curve reconstruction, the FiiO K7 lets you experience smooth 112-level volume adjustment, free of channel imbalances and noise.

Key features

  • Truly balanced headphone amp.
  • THX AAA 788+ amp technology.
  • Dual AK4493S DACs.
  • QCC5124 Bluetooth.
  • LDAC/aptX Adaptive and other formats support.
  • App control.
  • Multiple intelligent protection systems.
  • Power supply with numerous independent LDOs.
  • Included 12V/24W low-noise switching power supply.

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