FiiO K9 Pro ESS Desktop DAC and Amplifier

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FiiO K9 Pro ESS Desktop DAC and Amplifier

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Key info

  • Flagship desktop DAC and amplifier
  • High-performance dual DAC chipset (2 x ES9038 Pro)
  • Headphone out: 6.35mm Single-Ended/4.4mm Balanced/4-pin XLR
  • MQA support; hi-res PCM decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz (USB Input)
  • DSD Support up to DSD512 natively (USB Input)
  • Digital Inputs: Bluetooth/Coaxial/Optical/USB
  • Analog Input: 4.4mm/RCA
  • Lineout: RCA, Balanced XLR

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight ≈2750 g
Technical specifications
THD+N <0.0007%(1kHz/10kΩ/dbA)
Frequency response 20Hz~20kHz (-3dB)
Crosstalk ≥110dB (1kHz/10kΩ)

FiiO has designed the new K9 Pro using two high-performance ES9038 Pro DAC chips from Sabre Technologies. The ES9038 Pro is a flagship-grade 8-channel DAC that is capable of providing ground-breaking performance in decoding high-resolution audio signals. FiiO has upgraded the K9 Pro ESS from the OG K9 Pro in terms of DAC count, the OG K9 Pro has only a single AK4499 DAC, the latest K9 Pro here has dual ES9038 Pro DAC Chips. With the help of this new DAC chipset, the K9 Pro ESS achieves ultra-low THD+N(<0.00025%) and high SNR(>129dB) ratings ensuring a super-clean performance.

Powerful Signal Amplification Circuit

Consisting of two high-performance THX AAA 78+ amplifier chips, the K9 Pro ESS provides a clean and powerful output signal. It brings the best out of our connected headphones/in-ear monitors with its clean output power signal. There is no noticeable background noise or distortion even with highly-sensitive headphones and in-ear monitors, simply plug in your favourite headphones on the K9 Pro ESS and indulge yourself in an extraordinary sound experience.

Precise Design Profile

FiiO has years of expertise in designing HiFi audio products. They have designed the new K9 Pro ESS with a fully differential circuit in which the signal goes through the DAC, Volume, and AMP sections in a fully balanced manner. It also has a six-stage audio circuitry to ensure the users get the best possible sound performance. The analogue and digital circuits have separated designs with partitions for clean performance.

Multiple Input/Output Options

The FiiO K9 Pro is a hub for all your audio needs. It features multiple audio input/output options that include RCA/Coaxial/Bluetooth/Optical/USB/4.4mm input ports. For output the device features line-out functionality via 4-Pin XLR balanced*2, RCA line-out and headphone output via 4.4mm/4-Pin XLR

Dual Independent Femtosecond Clocks

FiiO has featured dual independent Femtosecond clocks to provide a precise clock management system. It makes it easier to handle different sources while maintaining maximum quality performance.

True MQA Support With Hi-Res Signal Decoding

MQA, Master Quality Authenticated is the latest technology where we get high-res performance in small file sizes. K9 Pro ESS supports full MQA unfolding allowing the users to listen to the true master quality performance as the artist intended while recording. Apart from these high-res MQA Support, the K9 Pro also supports high-res 32-Bit/384kHZ PCM as well as native DSD256 decoding.

High-Resolution Bluetooth Support

FiiO K9 Pro ESS features Qualcomm’s latest QC5124 Bluetooth processor chip. It not only provides a stable, reliable Bluetooth connection but also brings support for high-resolution wireless codecs including LDAC, APTX HD, AptX Adaptive, and more. Simply connect your smartphone or any other media device with Bluetooth support and feed the audio signal to the K9 Pro ESS over a Wireless Bluetooth connection.

App-control and Other Features

Built-in Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology allows you to use the FiiO control App to control functions like channel balance, sleep timer, etc. at any time, even when not in Bluetooth mode.

The K9 Pro supports the unfolding of MQA tracks, allowing you to listen to high-resolution audio files that are not only reasonably sized but also retain master-level sound quality that brings you directly into the recording studio.

Apart from the long list of features mentioned above the device also features a linear power supply for clean power management, FiiO Application support on smartphones (Bluetooth connections), and many more features. This can be your one point solution for all your high-end musical needs.

The K9 Pro AKM Vs The K9 Pro ESS

The core difference between the OG K9 Pro AKM and the latest K9 Pro ESS will be the Dual DAC chipset with the latest K9 Pro ESS. With a Dual DAC chipset configuration, you get to experience the power of dual ES9038 Pro DAC chips producing crisp resolution and details. The new K9 Pro ESS got 7 digital filters now and it also has an aluminium alloy volume knob with PVD Gold-plated edges. K9 Pro ESS has got a better, improved look. The new K9 Pro has also got slight improvements in the power output ratings. Other features such as Bluetooth, gain level, are identical on both devices.

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3 reviews
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