Hifiman EF1000 Valve Headphone Amplifier

Hifiman EF1000 Valve Headphone Amplifier

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Key info

This brilliantly designed and high-performing headphone amp makes the ideal companion to the brand’s sublime headphones. Superbly powerful, the model enjoys an orthodynamic driver.

Hifiman EF1000 Valve Headphone Amplifier is the brand’s latest reference headphone amplifier and makes the ideal partner with Hifiman’s HE-1000 headphones.

Great Design

EF1000 is a hybrid headphone/speaker amplifier featuring an ultimate design that integrates 6 6922 tubes and 24 transistors for a powerful and lively response.

Hifiman excels at enhancing the headphone listening experience and the EF1000 is no exception. The brand pioneered the use of orthodynamic technology for their drivers, as opposed to the more conventional dynamic technology.


With a headphone model as advanced as, for example, the HE-6, it is crucial that it is driven by a powerful, high-calibre headphone amplifier. The EF1000 brilliantly answers this demand.

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