S.M.S.L SH-9 THX-AAA Headphone Amplifier

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S.M.S.L SH-9 THX-AAA Headphone Amplifier

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Key info

  • THXAAA-888 Headphone Amp utilizes THX AAA Technology for superior audio performance.
  • Delivers 6 Watts into 16 Ohm and 3 Watts into 32 Ohm headphones with minimal THD+N.
  • Wide frequency response of 0.1 Hz to 500 kHz (-3dB) for detailed sound reproduction.
  • Boasts an SNR exceeding 137dB and THD less than 0.00006% for pristine audio quality.
  • Ultra-compact design suited for desktop systems, featuring balanced stereo headphone output and line input.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 790 g
Dimensions (HxWxD) 187.5 x 154 x 40 mm
Shipping dimensions (HxWxD) 282 x 232 x 79 mm
Technical specifications
Power output 6W x 2(16Ω); 3W x 2(32Ω); 440mW x 2 (300Ω); 220mW x 2 (600Ω)
THD+N 123dB, 0.00006% (A-Weighted); -117dB, 0.00013% (20-20kHz, 32Ω,-3dB); -125dB, 0.00006%(1kHz, 16Ω, -3dB)
Frequency response 0.1Hz-500kHz(-3dB)
S/N Ratio 137dB, A-Weighted
Input impedance 47kΩ
Output Impedance Near 0Ω
Gain MM Low(+0dB), High(+10dB)
Inputs Balanced x1, Unbalanced x1
Outputs Balanced x1, Unbalanced x1

THXAAA-888 Headphone Amplifier with THX AAA Technology.

6 Watts into 16 Ohm, 3 Watts into 32 Ohm Headphones with lowest THD+N.

0.1 Hz to 500 kHz(-3dB) Frequency Response.



Ultra-Compact Design, Perfect for Desktop Systems.

Balanced Stereo Headphone Output.

Balanced Stereo Line Input.

High Precision Resistors for Temperature Stability.

Pop-less Design with High-Quality Relays.

High precision and low noise 256 level relay volume control.

*In actual use, in order to make the volume more linear, the extra levels are shielded.

2 Positions Switchable Gain Control.

Fully Protection with DC, Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Short-Circuit and Thermal Protection on Headphone Amplifier.\

High-Efficiency Ultra-Low-Noise Power Supply.

1.9 inch LCD display.


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