Monitor Audio IA150-2 Custom Installation Amplifier

Monitor Audio IA150-2 Custom Installation Amplifier

Key info

Delivering powerful and reliable sound to stereo speakers the IA150-2 is part of Monitor Audio’s installation amplifiers range.

Monitor Audio IA150-2 Custom Installation Amplifier delivers a powerful 150w per channel at 4 ohms for one stereo pare. It offers both line inputs and loop outputs.

Purpose Built

Purpose built to take up as little space as possible, the IA150-2 Custom Installation Amplifier features a sleek 1U rack height making it super compact and ideal for rack-mounted installations. This amplifiers offer full connectivity with simple wired voltage trigger or signal sense for easy setup integration.

Powerful Sound for Stereo Speakers

The IA150-2 powers a stereo pair, with rear panel-located volume adjustment for each channel. Delivering a great 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms this amplifier has the power to boost speakers to even higher levels in larger spaces.

Monitor Audio Quality

The handsome 1U sized case houses the amplifier at just 42 mm high, 438 mm wide and was selected to guarantee reliability and the great sound quality the world has come to expect from Monitor Audio.

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