Denon PMA60 Integrated Amplifier

Denon PMA60 Integrated Amplifier

Key info

At the heart of the Denon PMA-60 is a new generation Qualcomm DDFA high quality digital amplifier. With 50 watts per channel (at 4 ohms), the PMA60 easily drives most speakers in medium to larger sized rooms. For a bigger bass, a dedicated subwoofer output lets you connect your choice of active sub.

Powerful digital processing

Using Denon’s Advanced AL32 processing, the PMA-60 produces a natural yet dynamic sound. More usually found on their high-end digital players, AL32 processes, up-converts and digitally filters lower quality digital signals to enhance the realism and detail.

Connect your digital sources directly

Making the most of the digital processing, digital inputs let you directly connect your digital music sources. Featuring two optical and one coaxial digital inputs, you can connect your TV, Blu-ray/DVD/CD player and games console.

Make the most of your computer music with USB DAC

If you want to listen to computer audio at its best, connect up your desktop or laptop via the USB-B interface and enjoy Hi-Res music at its best. Compatible with files up to DSD 11.2 and PCM 384/32-bit, this connection makes the most of stored music files or Hi-Res music streaming services.

Bluetooth connectivity with aptX

For the quickest way to play your favourite streaming music services, simply link your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The PMA-60 also supports aptX Bluetooth streaming – giving you the highest quality, most detailed sounding signal available via Bluetooth.

Analogue in and headphones out

As well as the wide range of digital connectivity, the PMA-60 still has space for an analogue input – perfect for connecting a turntable (with phono pre-amp built-in) or other analogue source. If you prefer listening in private, a high quality headphone socket is also standard.

Compact size – rotate to fit

Styled to match the DCD-50 CD player, the PMA-60 is just 20cm wide. Making it even more flexible, the amp can even be positioned on its side – taking up little more room than a typical wi-fi router. As you turn the unit, the display rotates to match.

Stylish good looks

Just like the matching CD player, the PMA-30 is finished in contrasting matte black and soft aluminium. The minimal button count keeps the style clean and the design timeless. Save on space without losing power or features, with the flexible Denon PMA-60.

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