Marantz PM6006 Stereo Amplifier

Marantz PM6006 Stereo Amplifier

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Already a multi-award-winning design, the PM6006 UK Edition has been re-engineered to sound even better.

Featuring audiophile grade ELNA capacitors in sound-critical areas, the PM6006 UK Edition gives improved resolution and breath-taking realism.  Sound-optimising mechanical changes also help improve the sound stage focus and sense of ‘being there’.

Featuring digital inputs
With a high quality Cirrus Logic 24 bit/192 kHz DAC built-in, the PM6006 UK Edition makes a fantastic match for your digital sources. Now offering a choice of coaxial and twin optical inputs you can connect digital sources such as your CD, DVD, Blu-ray, TV or even your games console. Thanks to the Marantz’s superior processing power, top quality sound quality is guaranteed. The digital part of the amplifier is fully shielded, ensuring no electrical interference with the other parts of the amplifier.

Connect up your turntable and headphones
As well as four line level inputs, for your CD player and other sources, the PM6006 UK Edition also features an onboard MM phono stage. Connect up any turntable with an MM (Moving Magnet) cartridge and you won’t have to worry about adding a separate phono pre-amp. A headphone socket is also supplied, making this the ideal amp for listening to music at any day of the day or night.

System remote supplied
The supplied remote commander gives full control of both volume and source inputs. It’s also compatible with other Marantz sources, such as the CD6006 CD player and NA6005 streamer, making this the only remote you need for a full Marantz system.

Give your system a boost, with the turbo-charged Marantz PM6006 UK Edition.

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