Melody Action Evo Integrated Amplifier

Melody Action Evo Integrated Amplifier

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The Melody Action Evo is an integrated amplifier and has a power output of 2x 40 Watts amplification. The Action series is highly affordable and offers high value. With 4x the well know (Melody) EL34 Tubes the Action is with 40 Watt quite a  powerful Tube Amp.  Also the Actions series is a recommended tube amp for the Audiophile starter to get familiar with tube amplification. The sound is from a surprising high quality. The Action Evo will drive quite a big range of speakers.

Melody hifi is Hand-made construction with the finest point-to-point wiring. The Bias control is accessible on top of the amplifier panel with true ampere meter. Every Melody amplifier has a Soft Start and time-delay circuit from 30 second.

Metal and removable tube guard cage Infrared

At the rear of the Action Evo you will find 2 RCA inputs. The 4 and 8 ohm speaker connections can also be found here. The Action has a very nice design with a high finishing level.

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