Melody Action Integrated Amplifier

Melody Action Integrated Amplifier

Key info

The Melody Action is an integrated amplifier and has an output power of 2x 11 Watts in Class A amplification. The Action serie is highly affordable and a offers a high value. With 2 El34 Tubes the Action is with 11 Watt a recommended tube amp for the Audiophile starter to get familiar with tube amplification. The sound is from a surprisingly high quality and a great match for high efficient speakers

Melody hifi is Hand-made construction with the finest point-to-point wiring. The Bias control is accessible on top of the amplifier panel with true ampere meter. Every Melody amplifier has a Soft Start and time-delay circuit from 30 second.

Metal and removable tube guard cage Infrared

At the rear of the Action you will find 2 RCA inputs. The 4 and 8 ohm speaker connections can also be found here. The Action has a very nice design with a high finishing level.

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