Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 600

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 600

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Key info

The Nu-Vista 600 is a superlative, 200 watts per channel super integrated amplifier.

The new NuVista 600 integrated amplifier combines technology from several different eras of electronics design:  Nuvistor technology, Semi conductor technology, Surface Mount Design technology, CAD/CAM PCB design and Software control.

The NuVista 600 combines nuvistor technology with Surface Mount Design and CAD/CAM PCB concepts. Essentially the NuVista 600 is the same as the legendary NuVista 800 but with less elaborate metalwork and ‘only’ 200WPC. Like it’s big brother the NuVista 600 has extraordinary technical and sonic performance.

For Musical Fidelity, designing the NuVista 600 was a labour of passion and love. They have tried to achieve the absolute maximum performance from every part of the circuit. It offers full-on, high-end performance, in a beautiful, relatively compact package, and gives a comfortable 200 watts per channel.

Key Features:

Combines technology from several different eras of electronics design.

200 Watts Per Channel (WPC)

Extraordinary technical and sonic performance

Compact integrated amplifier

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