Roksan K3 Integrated Amplifier

Roksan K3 Integrated Amplifier

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The Roksan’s K3 Integrated Amplifier is a great pick for anyone looking to improve their Hi-Fi system.  It delivers excellent high end audio performance. With elegant design and phenomenal sound characteristics, this designer piece is a truly well-made piece of equipment.

Roksan K3 Integrated Amplifier charcoalThis high-end Roksan’s K3 Integrated Amplifier has aptX® Bluetooth streaming capability which allows Bluetooth to reduce the bit rate without affecting audio quality. To ensure that switching between different inputs is silent, five line inputs are routed through airtight signal relays. The symmetrical layout of both left and right channels guarantees a flawlessly balanced stereo image. It has a mains toroidal transformer that minimizes the hum.

The Roksan’s K3 Integrated Amplifier ensures low distortion, high reliability, improved loudspeaker protection, and clear stereo performance. It can provide power and bass drive with a built-in Moving Magnet phono stage, superb sound staging, directly mains-powered power amp section, switchable bypass input, new op amps, audio and power supply circuits and layouts.

The Roksan’s K3 Integrated Amplifier is an easy-to-use product with supplied system remote. It provides great balance of flexibility, build, design and sound quality. It is polished in standard finishes- Charcoal, Anthracite and Opium.

  • Superior build quality
  • User remote included
  • Switchable bypass input
  • Improved power and detail
  • Symmetrical amplifier layout
  • High quality signal output relays
  • Improved power supply layout
  • Directly mains-powered power amp section
  • Elegant new chassis design with improved ventilation
  • Integrated amplifier with aptX® Bluetooth and phono input

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