Unison Research Performance Integrated Valve Amplifier

Unison Research Performance Integrated Valve Amplifier

Key info

A single-ended parallel, ultra linear dual mono integrated valve amplifier featuring KT88 valves used in sophisticated output stage design and improvements over the original model.

Unison Research Performance is a single-ended Class A Integrated Valve Amplifier with a parallel internal layout for ultimate sound-staging and an authentic valve experience.

Model Enhancements

Dedicated to accommodating their customer’s ever-changing needs, Unison Research is constantly developing new and existing products. The latest version of the Performance now offers more power than before while retaining the timeless aesthetics and pure musical pleasure.

Only a few visual changes were made due to functional necessity, such as large thermic radiators on both sides and two stainless steel screens. The amagnetic cover with low heat conduction prevents the heat generated by the six KT-88s from reaching the circuitry below. The result is better sound quality and overall reliability.

Dual-Mono Configuration

The Performance incorporates a dual-mono configuration; there are effectively two identical but fully independent amplifiers within the single chassis. This avoids any possible interference, whether internal or atmospheric, between the two channels. The specially designed transformer set helps the amplifier to deliver a true best-in-class performance. The parallel single-ended ultra-linear configuration allows the KT88 tetrode valves to be used as triodes.

Class A Valve Mode

Valves are used for all the amplification stages and all valves operate in pure Class-A mode. The pre-amplification and power stage drivers are based entirely upon triodes, with the use of high-grade ECC83 and ECC82 tubes.

With these valves, it is possible to obtain excellent linearity and a virtual absence of odd-order harmonic distortion. Designed with triodes in parallel and automatic biasing offers a long and reliable life so the output impedance of the two circuits and total harmonic distortion is reduced while the signal to noise ratio is increased.


As well as a clear array of inputs and outputs on the back panel, including separate speaker terminals for 4Ω and 8Ω loads, the Performance benefits from a power output for the Simply Phono allowing the amplifier to act as an upgrade power supply for the introductory phono stage. It is a true high-end masterpiece that benefits from a well-established reputation and up-to-date technology.

Key Features

– Improved design from the original Performance
– Single-ended parallel, ultra linear dual mono integrated valve amp
– Hand built in Italy with 45W output per channel
– KT88 valves used in sophisticated output stage design
– 4Ω and 8Ω loudspeaker terminals
– Simply Phono upgrade power supply built-in
– RC2 remote included

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