Yamaha R-N800A Integrated Amplifier

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Yamaha R-N800A Integrated Amplifier

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Key info

  • Authentic HiFi quality with Top-ART mechanical structure and low impedance concept.
  • ESS SABRE ES9080Q Ultra DAC for superior S/N performance.
  • YPAO-R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control) and precision EQ for ideal listening environment.
  • MusicCast lets you stream from your favorite music services.
  • High-performance USB DAC function supports DSD 11.2 MHz native playback and 384 kHz playback.
  • Original speaker terminals cut from pure brass for highly secure connection.
  • Special phono input terminals to enjoy your vinyl record collection.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 11.4 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 435 x 151 x 395 (with antenna up: 435 x 232 x 395)
Technical specifications
Frequency response 10 Hz-100 kHz 0±1.0 dB, 20-20 kHz0±0.5 (Pure Direct ON)
S/N Ratio 100 dB (Pure Direct ON)
Maximum power consumption 0.1 W (Network standby on/ Wi-Fi connection 1.8 W)
Digital inputs Optical1, Optical2, Coaxial1, Coaxial2


To those who relentlessly strive for the best sound. Our R-N1000A delivers total enjoyment of your music content with full-fledged Hi-Fi sound, drawing on the technologies of our top-end model. Featuring Yamaha’s original YPAO sound field correction, high-capacity custom-made transformers, ultra-precise ESS DACs, and a host of other superior parts, the R-N1000A has everything necessary to produce high-quality sound to transform your usual living room into an extraordinary environment—where you can immerse yourself in the music and fully enjoy a space of pure sonic delight.

As opposed to merely producing powerful sound, we pursue a sense of dynamics that express the contrast between stillness and motion in the music-allowing you to feel the intensely deep emotions in the music and immerse yourself in that musical world.


The R-N800A also employs anti-resonance feet designed under a concept of vibration absorption. By arranging thin curved reinforcing bars on the outer periphery and thick straight reinforcing bars in the center, the vibration energy transmitted from the outside of the leg is effectively dispersed and diminished, while maintaining high central rigidity. These make it possible to reproduce a focused sound that lets you fully feel the rhythm and dynamics of the music.


The R-N800A uses the renowned SABRE ES9080Q 384 kHz / 32-bit DAC (from ESS Technology) to deliver superior S/N performance. Combined with Yamaha’s original network module, the unit thoroughly draws out all the sonic merits of high-resolution sound sources, effectively reproducing even the subtle ambience of concert halls and delicate expressive nuances in the sound.


In order to thoroughly eliminate energy loss and degradation of the audio signal, the R-N800A features thick wires for the ground connection a critical feature that establishes the componentry as being truly premium Hi-Fi. In addition, a screw connection is adopted for the output from the power amplifier section in order to strengthen the ground, which is important for audio quality. This gives the R-N800A increased signal-to-noise performance, making it possible to reproduce sound with full clarity.


User reviews

2 reviews
  1. 5/5

    ALI NAQVI (verified owner)

    Just bought the new Yamaha R-N800A streaming amp from Premium Sound as they were the first retailer in the UK to get stock – even before the flagship Yamaha store in London!
    My pre-sale comms with the store were excellent, prompt and knowledgeable. And when I finally ordered the item it arrived the next day as promised.
    Early days (so I will post a more considered review after a few weeks) but I’ve now had the weekend exploring this great new streamer amp and I love it. It’s a big beast but with power and scale to match its size – all encompassed in a lovely classic design. Streaming is razor sharp as you would expect but listening to records was a real revelation. Compared to my previous class D amp it was so noticeably better in sound – I’d given up on vinyl until now now as high res streaming was always better but I could be converted back!
    With the R-N800A, Yamaha have combined the best features of the A/B class amps with all the latest technology for the lifestyles and listening habits of the 2020s. Most importantly with 100wpc the sound is big, warm and effortless. I haven’t tried the YPAO room acoustic correction thingie yet but will do soon.
    Yamaha have come up with a real winner in their new R-N range of amps which have something for everyone in terms of budget and specifications. Having looked carefully at the one above (R-N1000A) and the one below (R-N600A), for my needs and budget the R-N800A is perfect.

  2. 5/5

    ALI NAQVI (verified owner)

    Have now had the benefit of a few weeks of playing around with this beast and I’m still impressed.
    I’ve now had the chance to use the YPAO room acoustic correction system. I was very happy with the sound before but after using YPAO I realised how poor the acoustics were in our room with a high ceiling, lots of hard surfaces and speakers that are only a few cm from the back wall. I love a phat bass but the YPAO optimisation made the bass more focused, sharper and much less bloated. It also stopped the bass from bleaching into the vocals, making everything that much crisper. Plus, it made a huge difference listening to music at low volumes compared to it turned off. Having now experienced room correction, I would now never be without it.
    As I use wi-fi as opposed to a wired ethernet, the other thing I’m very impressed with is the resilience and robustness of the wifi receiver in the R-Ns. In the few weeks I’ve had the unit, it hasn’t lost its connection once and streams high res music without any lags or breaks – and all in high quality.
    It’s a proper grown up amplifier/streamer with bags of power. I love the big volume knob, the solid clunk you get when it turns on and the fact that you can fully control it from the front of the unit, from a comprehensive remote control (although you need glasses to use it!) or the intuitive MusicCast app which opens up a world of music and settings.
    To sum up… the R-N800A is 2023 on the inside and upmarket 1980s on the outside with it’s classic timeless Yamaha aesthetic which links it to its near 75 year audio heritage. In fact, that heritage along with their 130 year association with musical instruments is in the DNA of this smart amplifier.

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