Iso Acoustics Titan Theis Isolation Feet

Iso Acoustics Titan Theis Isolation Feet

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Key info

“Titan” range is a step above the “Gaia” range for premium high fidelity speakers offering remarkable improvement in sound clarity and openness.

GAIA-TITAN Theis contains the same proprietary isolation technology as the award winning GAIA series and tge 3 Titan models with weight parameters ranging from 320lbs to 620lbs.

Contemporary high end speakers are striking and perform with great precision, delivering punch without omitting the most subtle details. GAIA-TITAN lets premium speakers reach their complete potential, delivering remarkable natural candidness and clarity.


The GAIA isolators are machined stainless steel components that join Iso Acoustics’ original design to offer a tall degree of speaker isolation, while countering lateral drive and oscillations, to preserve accuracy and orientation with the listening position. Internal reflections from the firm supporting surface are weakened resulting in better sound clarity and openness. The sound stage flourishes to unleashes a three-dimensional image of lifelike, spatial sound.


The patented isolation scheme is directional. Prime results are heard by fixing the GAIA-Titan isolators with the logo facing the listening spot, or rotated 180 degrees, to align with the speaker’s drive force. The GAIA-Titan’s lower isolator sticks to the subsidiary surface. Carpet discs are available for each model which permits the GAIA’s to bond to the solid flooring beneath.


The isolators regulate the energy of the speaker to lower vibrations resonating through the supporting surface to remove dissonant sounds in the listening area or rooms. Internal reflections are vibrations cause smears, which is a consequence of artifacts reflecting back into the speaker and when imitated in both channels, they are supposed to be in the middle causing the stereo image to breakdown and become two dimensional.

Custom Options

Each Gaia-Titan models are packed in sets of 4 supplied with 3 different thread sizes as below. Gaia-Titan is available in a choice of three versions:

The GAIA-TITAN Cronos includes M10-1.5, M14 and ½-13, weight cap 320ibs
The GAIA-TITAN Rhea includes M8-1.25, M14 and ½-13, weight cap 420ibs
The GAIA-TITAN Theis includes M8-1.25, M14 and ½-13, weight cap 620ibs

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