Topping U90 USB Bridge

Topping U90 USB Bridge

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Key info

The Topping U90 is a high performance USB bridge for your Hifi System. It processes the audio signal via USB input and provides digital outputs via either its IIS, AES, Coaxial and Optical outputs. Its has been designed with a CPLD processor and femtosecond crystal oscillators to make sure to are getting the best performance Topping can offer from a USB bridge. The Topping U90 is also a USB Isolator which can effectively reduces noise and ground loops from your audio system.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Dimensions (HxWxD) 4.5 x 22.2 x 16.0 cm

Multiple interfaces output

U90 has 1x IIS, 2x AES, 2x coaxial, and 2x optical output.
It is suitable for both domestic and industrial applications.
IIS high compatibility

In order to be compatible with different brands of different IIS transmission definitions, U90 is equipped with 4 sets of switches to set the IIS pin definitions, which can be compatible with most other brands of IIS definitions through reasonable settings.
It is worth mentioning that the U90 defines a mute pin in IIS transmission. When used with other TOPPING DACs, it can greatly reduce the pop noise when switching the sampling rate.

Topping-U90Ultra low jitter

U90 uses a femtosecond crystal oscillator and CPLD to process the clock and optimize the digital signal, achieving incredible jitter suppression.

Built-in USB isolation

The built-in USB isolation can effectively eliminate the noise introduced by the ground loop.

12V Trigger

U90 also provides a 12V Trigger interface. When used with other devices with 12V Trigger interface, U90 can be used to control other devices to turn on and off. It greatly facilitates the use.

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