Topping M50 Digital Music Player

Topping M50 Digital Music Player

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Key info

The M50 converts digitized music files into a digital audio signal and output.
Pure digital conversation, let the DAC or Bluetooth headphones fully interpret the details of the music.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 440 g
Dimensions (HxWxD) 3.8 x 11.9 x 11.0 cm
Technical specifications
Maximum power consumption < 1.5 Ω

10-band EQ

When M50 plays music files from TF card or Flash disk, you can use the built-in 10-band EQ function to adjust different styles of sound effects. You can also use the EQ function to compensate for headphone curves.

Can also be used as USB bridge, Bluetooth bridge (Bluetooth receiver)

Set the USB mode of the M50 to DAC and connect M50’s type interface C to a computer, mobile phone tablet OTG, etc. Then the M50 can be used as a USB bridge, supporting up to 24bit384kHz.
* After pairing the M50’s Bluetooth with mobile phones, tablets and other devices, the M50 can be used as a Bluetooth bridge (Bluetooth receiver), supporting up to 24bit96kHz. *

*The EQ function is not available when using USB input or Bluetooth input.
*Only one of the three functions of playing music files, USB bridge and Bluetooth bridge can be run at the same time.

Support airplay and DLNA

You can use Hiby Link to control M50 on mobile phones, or use a remote control.


M50 User Manual
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