Naim NAP200 DR Power Amplifier

Naim NAP200 DR Power Amplifier

Key info

The Naim NAP200 DR Power Amplifier went through a transition phase in 2015. This resulted in the inclusion of Discrete Regulator-a smart modulator that works in harmony with the audio preamplifier to redefine the benchmarks for rich bass.

Just like Statement Amplifier Application, the circuit has been kept on the main board and it brings about a refreshing change-the DR aspect makes the circuit more precise at reducing internal noise apart from the ability to handle any unexpected surges in current. You also get the safety of more stability for the voltage reference, underlining why the NAP200 has been able to earn a good reputation.

The NAP200 comes loaded with additional features like anti-vibration. A simple functionality, it works rather well at controlling the feet, ensuring the internal, more sensitive components are not bothered by external interferences or microphonic vibrations. It has a Toroidal Transformer with 430VA, providing more than 300 VA of power to support the true potential of NAP200.

  • 70W per channel output into 8 Ohms
  • Large custom-designed transformer providing 300VA of transient power
  • Internal power supply to allow direct connection of a NAC 152 XS, NAC 202 or NAC 282 preamplifier
  • Discrete Regulator
  • Toroidal Transformer with 430VA

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