Pass Labs XS150 Mono Power Amplifier (Pair)

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Pass Labs XS150 Mono Power Amplifier (Pair)

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Key info

  • Class A amplification.
  • Dual chasis design (separate power supply and channel chassis).
  • Dedicated power supplies and circuitry for each channel.
  • 150 W of power (per channel).
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs.
  • Premium build quality.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 75.7 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 482 x 698 x 279 mm (Each uinit)
Technical specifications
Power output 150 W (8 ohms)
Amplifier Classs Class A
Maximum power consumption 700 W
Gain 26 db
Inputs 1x RCA, 1x XLR, 1x Amp switch

Like the Xs 300, this amplifier was developed through constant and thorough innovation. After years of SIT device experimentation, followed by deployment in Nelson’s First Watt designs, circuit modification captured the unique tube-like sonic footprint of SITs from much higher-output MOSFET devices used in the Xs series. The result is unparalleled, fatigue-free listening enjoyment.


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