Rotel RB-1590 Stereo Power Amplifier

Rotel RB-1590 Stereo Power Amplifier

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The RB-1590 is an embodiment of Rotel’s comprehensive level of experience and commitment to constructing only the finest sounding audio components. Utilising class AB amplification capability, this highly powerful stereo power amp is capable of unleashing a total of 350 watts to each channel into 8 ohms. This means that it’s an ideal solution for when a particular pair of sensitive loudspeakers need the extra attention to perform at their best, or for when a pair of speakers need some extra juice to truly fill the room.


  • 350 watts per channel
  • Class A/B Power Amp
  • Balanced XLR connections
  • 12v Trigger control
  • Twin toroidal transformers custom made by Rotel

Every element of its construction has been carefully selected, crafted and put together in order to achieve the best possible performance. Designed specifically by and for Rotel; dual, massive toroidal transformers form part of the unit’s robust power supply. These work alongside eight British-made BHC capacitors, specially selected for their reputation of low loss and quick response times. The circuit topography is laid out in a true monoblock design resulting in the best possible signal separation, which in turn means an improved stereo imaging.

XLR balanced and RCA input connections are found to the rear of the unit, alongside two pairs of 5-way loudspeaker binding termination posts. The RB-1590 also makes use of 12-volt trigger control, thermal protection circuitry, over-current and over-voltage protection circuitry, as well as dual staged power on the relay, which reduces the surge current and allows for extended longevity.

Rack-mount ears are included

Rotel has over half a century’s worth of experience in designing, developing and constructing audio equipment to the finest standards, retaining an affordable price and impressive performance. Rotel design and construct everything from the core components to the finished products themselves, in their own factories under their own high standards of quality control. This category focuses on Rotel’s range of highly capable 2 channel and 5 channel power amplifiers.

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