Audiolab DC Block Mains Conditioner

Audiolab DC Block Mains Conditioner

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Key info

A DC Blocker to deliver a cleaner and more efficient power to your amp so you hear more of the music and less interference.

Why the Audiolab DC Block?

Although very small, a DC signal within a mains current can affect sound quality with unwanted noise and hum. This is caused when the DC current enters a Toroidal power transfer and becomes saturated, which reduces the transformer’s efficiency, causing audible vibration. With the Audiolab DC Blocker, this mechanical hum is reduced and the efficiency is restored.

Elimination of other Interference

Audiolab’s DC Blocker also provides additional mains conditioning and RF filtering, which reduces background noise even further, as noise from other components on the mains system is effectively filtered out.

Better System

With Audiolab’s DC Block you can achieve an overall improved system with less distortion and enhanced dynamics in the music.

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