Ferrum Audio Hypsos Power Supply Upgrade

Ferrum Audio Hypsos Power Supply Upgrade

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Key info

Designed to be a highly effective power supply upgrade option for a wide variety of equipment. Available with a choice of power cables.

Ferrum Audio Hypsos is a hybrid power system that combines the best features of linear and switch mode power supplies to deliver efficient power. The Hypsos produces unrivalled detail that lets your existing setup perform at its best.

Why the Hypsos?

Ferrum Hypsos is a great upgrade for your hi-fi system. It uses a hybrid power system, a combination of linear and switching designs, to get the advantages from both techniques, which is low-ripple and low-noise as well as a fast transient response and high efficiency. It offers a selection of unique features and even accounts for future software improvements.

Simple and Stylish

It’s housed in a minimalistic sleek black unit with hardly any hardware user controls, only a display screen and one knob; the device is mainly software controlled.


The Hypsos is compatible with a vast array of equipment, such as the Apple Remote, and by using pre-configured settings from the list of supported devices or setting parameters manually you can get your system up and running in no time. The HYPSOS is as universal a device as it gets.

Customisable sound

The Hypsos allows for full customisation of your sound. SST (Sweet Spot Tuning) allows you to fine-tune the output voltage for the best sound; it can even be adjusted on the fly to provide comparison testing. It also has a settings lock to prevent accidental change of the parameters.

Hypsos Cables

Ferrum Audio Hypsos has a cable design called 4T Sensing Design (4TSD), which comprises of two wires delivering the power and two wires providing feedback to ensure a flat voltage at every moment. This technique eliminates the harmful effects of the cable’s resistance, effectively improving transient response. The current delivery speed at the powered device’s input is significantly improved.

Configuration Options

The Hypsos comes with one of the two high quality DC power cables for free; the other comes at an extra cost. These are a 5.5 x 2.5mm and a 5.5 x 2.1mm DC cord, which connects to most commonly used DC inlets.

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