IsoTek Titan V5 Mains Power Conditioner

IsoTek Titan V5 Mains Power Conditioner

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Key info

The IsoTek Titan V5 mains power conditioner offers absolute power with a vast array of improvements from earlier models.

IsoTek Titan V5 Mains Power Conditioner is a dedicated high current power cleaning and distribution system. All the technological improvements of the Titian V5 have been made so that the power conditioner can deliver absolute power.


The V5 now offers additional socket outputs as well as the new ‘System Link’ output. The Titan Direct Coupled circuit has also had some substantial improvements with instant power on tap via 50% increased PCB copper-loading which is moving closer towards IsoTek goal of zero Ohms. The current handling ability has also been increased by 80% and protection has been raised to 75’000A continuous and 153’000A instantaneous.

3 Independent Outlets

The V5 Titan has 3 independent outlets with each outlet having its own dedicated power cleaning network. Common Mode and Differential Mode both have dramatically reduced noise. The IsoTek Titan stands out from the crowd because it doesn’t have power sockets in series. Instead, Cross contamination of connected components has been kept low using multiple power cleaning stages for each output socket.

Electrical Architecture

The design of the electrical architecture within the V5 has been improved, for example, PCB design and topology now offer more than 50% improved amperage and decreased resistance. The tolerances of all the V5 Titans critical components now have improved inductance and current handling with better overall tolerance while dramatically improved Direct Current Resistance (DCR) now appears throughout the design.

RCBO Fusing System

The V5 features a RCBO fusing system that is rated at 16A for each of the three high current power output sockets, these deliver 1,840W at 115V or 3,680W at 230V. The fusing system of the Titan V5 has been designed to be 1000 times better than an ordinary fuse because of the increased contact area the fuse offers and a connection that is consistently strong.

Kirchhoff’s Equal Resistance Path

The IsoTek Titan V5 uses KERP (Kirchhoff’s Equal Resistance Path) to ensure equal power and equal resistance are delivered to each outlet. The internal wiring is to the highest standard and offers low resistance and high amperage because the wiring is made from ultra-pure Ohno Continuous Cast copper with solid core conductor strands and silver-plating. This wiring has also been designed to synergize with IsoTek power cables.

Connect Multiple Units

The V5 also comes with a System Link outlet so that you are able to connect multiple units together while maintaining a sheared earth so that you don’t need as many wall outlet sockets.

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