Naim SuperCap DR Power Supply

Naim SuperCap DR Power Supply

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Key info

Naim SuperCap DR power supply upgrade is designed to get the best out of matching Naim separates. The rank of power supplies has stood at the core of Naim values for more than twenty five years.

The Supercap DR is an excellent upgrade path for several Naim models. Compatible with Nait XS, Supernait, NAC 152 XS, NAC 202, NAC 282 and NAC 252, SuperLine and several others.

Why add a PSU?

While certain Naim amplifiers deliver sufficient power supply for the consorting preamp, adding an unconnected Naim ultra-low noise power source conveys largely enhanced musicality to the entire system. Merely being isolated from the amplifiers assures accurate earthing and noise-free operation, just as the bulky toroidal transformer and substantial premium grade smoothing capacitors provide extraordinary vibrant solidity.

Purist design

For each various power output, there are Naim’s bespoke detached regulators for maximum performance. The SuperCap DR can power any Naim preamplifier (excluding NAC 552), active crossovers and Superline phono stage making it the ideal choice for driving the NAC 252 preamp. The anti-vibration, resonance-governing feet supplement the innovative cast and extruded anti-magnetic chassis to shield the sensitive inner constituents from timbre and microphonic vibration.

Discrete Regulator

In 2012, the SuperCap DR was upgraded consequent to a two year scheme to cultivate a novel discrete regulator (DR) for Naim power supplies. Alongside this, are advances to the transformer mounting, wire routing, wire gauge, motorised decoupling, interior blueprint and reservoir capacitors. These were all established over concentrated listening tests to expressively nurture performance that is even more unrestrained and pleasing.

Sound improvements

The perceptible benefits of SuperCap DR are essential to the composition, refining timing, dynamic range, lucidity and direction. Multifaceted music is easier to comprehend and receive. SuperCap DR additionally enables the preamplifier to stay switched on always, free of the power amp, so the intricate circuitry is entirely stabilised permanently. The harmony and vividness of a hi-fi arrangement is unleashed by the SuperCap DR making it an exceedingly effective upgrade to a pre/power set up.

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