Naim XPS DR Power Supply

Naim XPS DR Power Supply

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Key info

Naim Audio XPS DR power supply is a very effective upgrade for various Naim separates.

Why Upgrade?

For more than 25 years, the core of Naim’s philosophy has been the prominence of power supplies. Their research highlighted the benefits of isolating a CD player from the chief power source as many issues occurred from the conventional method of holding the converter circuit in a discrete box.
The addition of an XPS DR presents enhancements within the timing, lucidity and liveliness of your music. Complex compositions are easier to apprehend while the listener is promised more involvement and greater enjoyment. Burndy interconnects included.

Vibration control

The feet defy vibrations while governing resonance and complementing the stylish cast extruded non-magnetic chassis. They function to shield the delicate mechanisms within from microphonic vibration and timbre. Supplied as standard with the CDS3, the XPS DR is obligatory for the unit to operate but can also be added to the CDX2 CD player to boost sound quality and as a potential upgrade path from one unit to another.

Updated with Naim DR

As a result of a two year study into the development of a pioneering DR (discrete regulator), the XPS DR has undergone recent upgrades including improvements to wire gauge and routing, mechanical decoupling, transformer mounting alongside the internal structure and reservoir capacitors. Manifested through rigorous listening tests, these advances enhance musical reproduction creating ever more expressive and pleasing aural experiences.

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