Aurender ACS100 Music Server with CD Ripper

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Aurender ACS100 Music Server with CD Ripper

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Key info

  • Aurender ACS100 combines a high-performance music server with a built-in CD ripper, streamlining your digital music library management process.
  • One-touch CD Ripping with metadata and cover art retrieval. Industrial-grade, tray loading TEAC CD-ROM drive.
  • Easy-to-use metadata editing application for easily correcting metadata or modifying to suit your own sorting requirements
  • With multiple storage configurations available, including SSD and HDD options, the ACS100 provides ample space to store your entire music collection in pristine digital quality.
  • The intuitive Aurender Conductor app, available for both iOS and Android devices, or the convenient front-panel display and remote control.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 216 x 111 x 256 mm
Sample rate DoP 256 / Native 512 (USB DSD) Up to 32bit / 786kHz (USB PCM)
Built-in Memory 240GB SSD System Cache
External memory 2 x 2.5
Display 4
Digital inputs 2x USB 3.0 (Data)
Digital outputs 1x USB 2.0 (Digital Audio)
Streaming services Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify Connect
Ethernet 1x 1 Gbps Ethernet


The Utility Player – CD Ripping and Library Management.

Automatic CD Ripping / Library Management / Metadata Editing Central Server Hub for Library Expansion and Multi-Room Systems, 2x Slots for User-Installable 2.5″ HDD or SSD Drive, Digital Output Network Transport.

Meet the new little brother to the ACS10, a more affordable, more compact way to tip CDs into your digital collection with the touch of a button.

As a music server / streamer, the ACS100 enjoys operational control via Aurender Conductor for both iPad tablets and Android devices. All the features you’d expect from Aurender like clutter-free direct access to your music as well as app-embedded Tidal and Qobuz subscription streaming services, Spotify Connect, internet radio, MQA Core decoding (optional), CD ripping and advanced metadata editing and library management.

The Multi-Talented Utility Player

ACS100 offers a sensible solution to add CD Ripping, Library Management, and Central Server functionality to any Aurender system. Conceived as an accessory upgrade or add-on, ACS100 includes all the utility of ACS10 in a simpler package.

ACS100 uses a less expensive external switch-mode power supply instead of a linear power supply. It also omits the dedicated filtered & isolated USB audio output since its highest and best use is as a stand-alone Central Server.

Therefore, it is the ideal add-on companion to A200, A15, A20, N20, W20SE and N30SA. And, while adding valuable functionality to another Aurender, ACS100 can simultaneously be used as a source component for a second system.

Introducing the ACS100

The smaller, more compact, and more affordable way to add the ability to rip CDs to any existing Aurender system.

On the back of the unit, the ACS100 has a network connection, USB 2 and USB 3 ports with the option to add a 19-volt external linear power supply to enhance the sound quality. The ACS100 also has a slot-loading CD ripper instead of a drawer for loading CDs into the CD ripper like in the ACS10.

Swappable Solid State Drives

The back of the unit features two drawers for two swappable Solid State Drives (SSDs) up to 4 TB each for a total capacity of 8 TB. Easily swap out full drives — or divide your library into dedicated drives for Blues, Jazz, Rock, and Classical music.

USB Output

With playback on the ACS100, your music goes out directly through the SSDs to your USB connected DAC. For higher USB sound quality and solid-state caching through a connected USB drive to your DAC, upgrade to the ACS10.

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