Aurender N20 Streaming Music Server

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Aurender N20 Streaming Music Server

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Key info

  • Flagship digital output network transport.
  • USB, AES/EBU, Coaxial, BNC, Optical outputs, Word Clock Input, 2x User-Installable storage slots.
  • Ideal for high-end systems, offers ultra-high-end SPDIF outputs, isolated USB Audio output.
  • Linear power supply, isolated grounding, OCXO clock, full-color 8.8” IPS LCD display, double isolated LAN port, double the DRAM.
  • Improved circuit topologies, new cosmetic design.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 430 x 111 x 353 mm
Operating system Aurender Conductor for iPad, Android Phone / Tablet
External memory Slot for additional 2.5” drive
Display Full-Color 8 IPS LCD
Digital inputs 1x USB, 1x WClOCK
Analog outputs 1x AES/EBU, 1x Coaxial, 1x BNC, 1x Optical,
Streaming services Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify Connect
Supported audio formats
Wired and wifi Native DSD, DSD (DSF, DFF), WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, M4A, APE


Flagship pedigree – make no compromise.

Ultra High-Performance Digital Output Network Transport with USB, AES/EBU, Coaxial, BNC, Optical Outputs and Word Clock Input, 2X User-Installable storage slots.

The new model N20 is an upgraded-in-every-way N10, much like how the W20SE evolved from the original W20. All new circuit topologies inside and a fresh new cosmetic exterior make this a product sure to be a big success.

The New Aspiration

“The Aurender N20 hits the bullseye with simplicity, stability, speed, and sound quality. The product is as simple as possible, but no simpler”, said and we couldn’t agree more.

N20 sits in the enviable “sweet spot” of cost vs. performance in the middle of Aurender’s range of digital source components. Equally at home in a cost-no-object system or as the cornerstone of a more modest system, N20 is designed to be connected to the world’s best high-quality DACs. the N20 features ultra high-end SPDIF (Coaxial, BNC, Optical) and AES/EBU outputs in addition to an isolated USB Audio output. The SPDIF digital output suite is controlled by a precise OCXO clock for long-term jitter reduction, achieving the perfect marriage of low noise and low jitter. A word clock or master clock input is also provided for users who wish to sync with an external clock. High-resolution file support for all major codecs goes to the extreme limits, and on-the-fly DSD-to-PCM conversion by FPGA is available for SPDIF outputs. N20 is equipped with two user-installable storage bays, allowing the user to select the drive type and capacity to meet their own needs. The handsome machined aluminum front panel features a large 8.8” full-color IPS LCD display that reproduces the album art, artist name and song title.

A true overachiever, the N20 fully embodies the virtues of high-end audio performance and user-friendliness expected from Aurender.

Highlights and Features

  • The brand new linear power supply for N20 utilizes 2 transformers, 4 cores, large audio-grade capacitors, and isolated grounding! It is extremely sophisticated and dead quiet! A power supply this good contributes immediately audible improvements to any audio component.
  • Grounding for the SPDIF outputs is now isolated by a separate transformer for an even lower noise floor on AES/EBU, Coax RCA & BNC, and Toslink outputs compared to N10.
  • All new circuit boards populated with higher precision OCXO clock and oscillator exhibiting 4 to 10 times more stability (frequency stability vs. load) than the N10. Musicality, timing, pace and rhythm are greatly enhanced.
  • Like A30, ACS10 and ACS100, the N20 features a built-in super capacitor-based uninterruptible power supply. This prevents disc and operating system corruption in the event of an abrupt power outage by safely shutting down the system.
  • A word clock input facilitates syncing N20 with an external word clock.
  • N20 features a full color 8.8” 1980 x 480 wide screen as found on A30. The chassis size is just slightly taller than the N10 giving it a more substantial appearance.
  • The N20 is supplied without hard drives installed. As with N100SC and ACS100, hard drives are the customer’s choice. Each of the two rear panel mounting sleds accommodates a 1, 2,4 or 8TB 2.5 inch SSD or up to 5TB 15mm height 2.5inch HDDs. Since users have different storage requirements, we feel this is the best way to satisfy everyone.
  • Next-generation USB Audio Class 2.0 Module designed with an emphasis on lowering jitter and lowest possible latency.
  • Like the W20SE and ACS10, the N20 uses a double isolated LAN port for filter out router induced noise.
  • Double the DRAM (8GB) of the N10 providing ample system resource for support of native DSD 512 playback.
  • Improved and higher capacity SSD for caching. Upgraded to 500GB M2 NVME. N10 uses a 2.5” 240GB SATA.
  • Available in silver or black finish.

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