JBL MP350 HiFi Streamer

JBL MP350 HiFi Streamer

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Key info

  • Network Media Player with Classic Styling.
  • Walnut veneer side panels match JBL Classic and Studio Monitor loudspeakers.
  • Works with Apple Airplay2 and has Chromecast built in.
  • Works with Spotify Connect.
  • Works with Tidal Connect with MQA supported.
  • Roon Ready.
  • Supports up to 24 bit / 192 kHz Hi-res audio.
  • Analog and Digital Outputs.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 48 x 449 x 282 mm
Shipping Weight 7 kg
Technical specifications
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz (±0.05dB)
Headphone output power 12W
Sampling rate Max 24bit/192 kHz
Analog inputs RCA x 1
Digital inputs Coaxial x 1 | Optical x 1
Headphone output power 12W
Supported audio formats
Wired and wifi FLAC | WAV (LPCM) | MQA | AAC | ALAC | AIFF | DSD (128) | MP3 | MP4 | OGG | WMA

JBL MP350 hi-fi streamer is the latest purist streaming model designed to get the very best possible sound quality from a range of streaming sources.

Classic Hi-Fi Range

This model fits into JBL’s Classic range of hi-fi separates that feature upto date electronics contained within classic retro-silver styled components with wood veneered end cheeks.

Well Connected

Connectivity is via wi-fi or wired internet. You can stream music from smartphones and tablets, with google Chromecast or apple Airplay 2.

Additionally, music services such as Spotify and Tidal can be connected.The MP350 is also certified for the Roon app. Roon is a software based music player and organiser. The app will run on all of your devices.

The Classic range also features the TT350 Classic turntable, CD350 CD player and SA550 integrated amplifier. The MP350 can of course be added into your existing hi-fi system or can be used alongside these in a matching hi-fi system.

What is a streamer?

Today most audio systems come with a streamer to handle digital music. There are various types of streamer some have integrated preamps while others just have DAC’s. A DAC is a digital to analogue converter that converts the digital files into music.

Most streamers have their own app to control them. This will run on your smartphone, tablet or PC. The MP350 is also Roon compatible. Roon is a universal music playing app. The built in DAC can handle hi-res files and has “time domain jitter elimination” to deliver the best possible sound. The classic range also features a new integrated amplifier. DAC’s are dependant on the quality of the chip and the MP350 uses the best available.

JBL, nearly 100 years in design

JBL have been manufacturing speakers since 1928. Poor Amplifiers and speakers were holding back the introduction of talking pictures. Hence James B. Lansing the founder of JBL, developed a speaker that could fill a movie theatre with sound. Their model range features retro styled hi-fi loudspeakers, monitor style speakers and hi-fi separates, all designed with the pursuit of audio excellence in mind.


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