JVC LX-NZ3 Projector

JVC LX-NZ3 Projector

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Key info

The JVC-LX-NZ3 is a dedicated home cinema projector and features a laser light source combined with 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio). Generous lens shift (± 60% Vertical, ± 23% Horizontal) and a 1.6x optical zoom makes for precise image placement as well as flexibility in projector position.

Laser light source technology “BLU-Escent”, achieves 3000lm brightness and 20,000 hours light source life

Laser light source technology “BLU-Escent” using blue laser diode for light source, realise both high brightness of 3,000lm and long life of approximately 20,000 hours. Thanks to the high brightness, it can be used in ambient light conditions such as living rooms, etc., and due to the increase of the peak brightness for HDR projection, images with a very wide dynamic range can be enjoyed.

Supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) contents

Contents recorded in HDR can be projected more vividly and dynamically with high resolution. In addition to HDR10 adopted for UHD Blu-ray, it also supports HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) adopted for broadcasting etc. Furthermore, the LX-NZ3 automatically switches to the optimal picture mode when it detects each signal, so you can enjoy HDR content without any difficult settings.

“Auto Tone Mapping” function automatically optimise settings to HDR10 content (*1)

The brightness of the HDR10 content varies greatly by each video. Therefore, it is required to match the brightness setting (tone mapping) to each content in order to achieve the best image quality. LX-NZ3 is equipped with “Auto Tone Mapping” function that performs automatic adjustment based on mastering information (Max CLL / FALL *2) that indicates the brightness of the content, and you can enjoy the optimal setting for the content without any difficulties.
In addition, by combining this function with the HDR Optimiser installed in some Panasonic UHD-BD players, optimal HDR image can be realised regardless of the presence of mastering information.

(* 1: In the case of content that does not contain mastering information, it will refer to fixed value or need manual adjustment.
* 2: MaxCLL (Maximum Content Light Level), MaxFALL (Maximum Frame Average Light Level))

Wide lens shift with ± 60% vertical, ± 23% horizontal range with 1.6x zoom

The LX-NZ3 has lens shift with a wide ± 60% vertical, ± 23% horizontal range and is equipped with a 1.6x zoom that enables a projection distance of 3m to 4.8m for a 100 inch screen size. This flexibly adapts to various installation environments without using keystone correction that degrades the image quality by electrical correction.

Dynamic light source control achieves high image quality and ∞: 1 contrast

The laser light source can control the light output instantaneously, so compared to conventional mechanical apertures, dynamic adjustment of brightness with less delay is possible. By controlling the output of the laser according to the brightness of the scene, LX-NZ3 can reproduce images closer to human perception. Moreover, when complete black signal is input, contrast of ∞ 1 can be realised by controlling the laser output.

High definition 4K image from a compact body

The LX-NZ3 achieves compactness of approximately 40cm in width and 34cm in depth, together with high definition 4K images thanks to the 0.47inch DMD. It can be installed easily without taking up space, such as the shelves, tables and ceiling installation in the living room etc.

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