Dali Rubicon 2-C Active Speakers

Dali Rubicon 2-C Active Speakers

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Key info

  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth/aptX.
  • Built-in amplification (250W per speaker).
  • DALI’s hybrid tweeter module.
  • Low-loss wood fiber woofer.
  • Room-adaptive EQ via switch on the back of the speaker.

5Wireless Connection

Rubicon 2-C has been designed with simplicity in mind. Supplied as a wireless speaker system, the need for complicated add on devices and electronics is eliminated. Set-up is made easy with these speakers as the wireless connection works as long as the power is working optimally. The Rubicon 2C and the Hub can even connected without an active WiFi signal because they two units are directly connected.

SMC Based Woofer

The 6.5 inch wood fibre Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) based woofer handles the mid-range and bass fed directly by one of the 250 watt amplifiers. An SMC pole makes up the SMC magnet system which reduces distortion. On top of this, the wood fibre membrane and low loss design of the woofer ensures the cleanest amplifier signal and delivery of dynamic musical details.

Soft Dome Tweeter

Adopting the same technologies as Dali’s high-end series, the Rubicon 2-C employs an ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter. Unlike the hybrid tweeter, in this speaker the soft dome tweeter works alone at reaching the highest frequencies. It is housed in a low loss rubber surround within an aluminium chassis for optimal airflow around the cone and magnet system.

Compact Dimensions

The Rubicon 2-C Active Speaker can be stand mounted and is the smaller sibling to the 6-C. It surpasses its compact dimensions by delivering details rich in definition and a deep bass response. Part of the appeal of these speakers is that they pack a massive performance with a small footprint so they can be easily integrated in to any listening room.

Cabinet Design

The Rubicon 2-C utilises lightweight wood fibre cones housed in a rigid cabinet. The speaker is available in three colour finishes; high gloss white, high gloss black and walnut. On the front is a LED volume control strip that indicates the volume level, and on the rear you can find an LED display panel.

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