Dali Rubicon 6-C Active Speakers

Dali Rubicon 6-C Active Speakers

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Key info

  • The 6-C delivers powerful wireless audio fed by class D amplifiers through a unique wireless network.
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth/aptX.
  • Built-in amplification (250W per speaker).
  • DALI’s hybrid tweeter module.
  • Two 6.5 wood fiber low-loss woofers.
  • Room-adaptive EQ via switch on the back of the speaker.

Dali Rubicon 6-C Active Speakers represent the most premium active speakers by utilising Dali’s own advanced wireless network. With a powerful drivers adopting the technologies from the Epicon, driven by two 250 watt class d amplifiers, this floorstander delivers explosive sound.

Wireless Connection

The Rubicon 6-C simplifies listening sessions by taking away the need for complicated electronics as it is supplied as a wireless speaker system. With the Hub, you can use your phone for quick and easy music playback. The wireless connection works as long as the power is working optimally so setup is easy. The Rubicon 6-C and the Hub can even connected without an active WiFi signal due to the speakers extremely stable wireless connection.

SMC Based Woofer

The Rubicon 6-C draws on the same advanced technologies as the Epicon. The cone is ultra-lightweight, has a randomly uneven structure and is designed for optimum rigidity. The Rubicon 6-C features a 6.5 inch wood fibre woofer with SMC technology. The woofer handles the midrange and bass frequencies fantastically, with ultra low distortion due to the SMC pole in the magnet system. The low-loss design and wood fibre membrane ensures a dynamic reproduction of music defined by incredible details and low distortion.

Soft Dome Tweeter

The ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter is signature to Dali speakers, however the 6-C soft dome outperforms it’s usual abilities. It reaches the very top of the high frequencies and is housed in a low-loss rubber surround within an aluminium chassis for optimal airflow around the cone and magnet system.

Cabinet Design

The Rubicon 6-C floorstander utilises lightweight wood fibre cones that can move around easily thus reducing surface resonance significantly. The cabinet is elegantly designed, housing each driver in separate compartments and utilising a bass reflex port for minimal turbulence. Choose from white high gloss, black high gloss and walnut options that look gracefully and elegant stood in any living room front. Enjoy the visual appeal of the front LED volume control strip that indicates the volume level, and LED display panel on the rear.

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