Devialet Mania Portable Wireless Speaker Light Grey — Ex-demo, Open-box

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Devialet Mania Portable Wireless Speaker Light Grey — Ex-demo, Open-box

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Key info

This is an ex-demo model. The speaker is in mint condition but the retail box has a few imperfections. Contact us for more info.

  • Portable, bluetooth, smart-speaker by Devialet.
  • Up to 10 hours of autonomy.
  • 6x drivers: 4x full-range, 2x push-push woofers.
  • WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0, Spotify Connect, Airplay 2.
  • IPX4 splash-resistant.
  • Voice-assistant Alexa integrated.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 193 mm x 176 mm x 139 mm
Speaker characteristics
Active / Passive Active
Frequency range 30 Hz - 20 kHz
MF/HF 4x aluminium full-range drivers
Drive units
LF 2x woofers
MF/HF 4x aluminium full-range drivers
Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth 5.0
Streaming features AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect
Included accessories
What's in the box Devialet Mania; USB-C power cable and power unit; User guide; Speaker bag; Included with Devialet Mania Opéra de Paris: Devialet Mania Station (wireless charging station);


Devialet Mania, the first high fidelity portable smart speaker with 360° stereo sound translates our obsession for pure sound.

Devialet Mania, the portable speaker ushers in a liberated approach to sound: more spontaneous, more adaptable, more obsession-inducing than ever. Thanks to its adaptive cross stereo, Devialet Mania offers a soundstage that morphs and adapts to any physical space, eliciting expansive 360 stereo sound. Cue your favorite music and feel the emotional imprint it leaves on you and those around you.

Portable speaker

A very ionic Devialet design revamped into a precious on-the-road look and feel, with a handle that ensures easy pick-up and a built-in battery providing up to 10 hours of wireless streaming

You can bring it from room to room – and when you leave your home, you can take it with you with confidence thanks to its IPX4 splash-resistant rating.

Devialet Sound

Equipped with a push-push architecture and not less than 4 full-range, Devialet Mania offers a 30-20,000Hz range, with deep bass that you can feel in your bones and crystal treble.

Its dual-woofer push-push configuration, powered by SAM technology, delivers the most accurate bass restitution.

Embedded intelligence

Thanks to its cross-stereo architecture (made of 2 x 2 full-range) and its real-time acoustic mapping technology (ASC – Active Stereo Calibration), an intelligent four-microphone array detects Diablo’s position and activates the most adapted rendering mode for immersive listening.

  • 360 stereo : when no wall is detected, Diablo spreads cross-stereo sound in every direction and deliver an homogeneous audio scene.
  • Oriented stereo : when a wall is detected, Diablo will deliver stereo sound from the front and rich sound enhancement at the back (the wall side)

Easy streaming

Thanks to Devialet Mania’s dual streaming capabilities, you have the choice between Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. When indoors, connect via Wi-Fi to use Spotify Connect and Airplay 2 (for Apple users). And when you take Devialet Mania outdoors, Bluetooth auto-activates.

Voice assistance

Voice assistant capabilities let you control your Devialet Mania for a seamless experience anywhere in the house. When connected to Wi-Fi, simply beckon Alexa and enjoy the full ease of a voice-controlled speaker: listen to the news, check the weather, control smart home devices, or simply turn up the volume and give in the pure sound.

Design and finishes

  • A luxurious woven skin embraces Devialet Mania’s exoskeleton, which in turn protects the technologies held within.
  • Four water-repellent textile shells bring robustness to the speaker.
  • The shells meet at the top of the product around a Devialet teardrop adding a precious touch to the speaker.
  • Beyond its transport function, the handle gathers six capacitive buttons for a complete master of the speaker.
  • Available colours: Deep Black, Light Grey, Opera de Paris, Sunset Rose Exclusive Edition, Sandstorm Exclusive Edition.

ASC — Active Stereo Calibration

Let Devialet Mania adapt to your environment and revel in the experience. Its real-time acoustic mapping technology, ASC — Active Stereo Calibration, taps four-room calibrating microphones and embedded intelligence capabilities to allow Devialet Mania to automatically evolve the audio rendering based on its surroundings. When placed at the center of your space, the 360 stereo mode is activated and homogeneously distributes sound throughout. However, when you place Devialet Mania near a wall, the two full-range speakers at the rear jump into action to reinforce the two full-range speakers at the front, widening the sound’s reach.

All things Aligned

Devialet Mania inherited Devialet’s patented SAM technology, allowing it to recognize and adapt the sound signal to its drivers’ specificities. The original recording and acoustic pressure generated by Devialet Mania emerge in perfect harmony to eliminate almost all distortions and enhance the bass rendering.

Pure Sound in Motion

Transcend the limits of your space. With Devialet Mania, Devialet’s iconic aesthetic has morphed into portable speaker form. A handle for ease of movement. An IPX4 splash-resistant rating for resilience. And Devialet’s first built-in battery for up to 10 hours of wireless streaming. Experience pure infatuation with augmented listening that leaves a lasting impression.

Elegantly easygoing

Sturdy and soft, fused. Devialet Mania boasts visible push-push woofers and a co-spherical design. A luxurious woven skin swathes its exoskeleton, which in turn protects the technologies held within. Make it your focus, tuck it away, take it outdoors — Devialet Mania was designed to sublimate any setting, any moment.


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