Devialet Phantom I 103db White — Certified Refurbished

Devialet Phantom I 103db White — Certified Refurbished

Key info

Devialet’s new Phantom range innovates across the board: design, signal processing, user interaction, and efficiency. It alsocomes with a new identity. Introducing Phantom I and Phantom II. New game, new name.

Refurbished Phantom Is are similar to New Phantom Is except for 2 parts which are from previous generations: the electronics, and the button at the back is without an LED.

Features and software are the same.

Each Refurbished Phantom undergoes a series of tests and extreme controls to ensure the highest quality and performance, identical to the new products.

  • Each returned product is opened, controlled and treated, as a new one.

  • The same acoustic tests are applied, as a new one.

  • The same control of the electronic card, as a new one.

  • The same visual control of the casing, as a new one.

  • The same endurance tests, as a new one.


Each refurbished Phantom is sold with a new shell, new woofers, a new power cable, and in a new box.

Phantom embodies the vision we’ve been working towards: elevating sound to its rightful place in our lives, providing audiences around the world with a uniquely intricate and moving listening experience. Phantom has been revolutionizing the speaker game since its release, and has gone on to become a reference for acoustic excellence. By combining a series of radical patented technologies, Phantom consistently shatters expectations, at every step of the sound reproduction chain. Zero distortion, zero saturation, zero background noise.


  • Unparalleledperformance and power thatdeliverpure sound.
  • High-resolutionaudio, wirelessly-Open architecture thatoffersversatile connectivity.
  • An iconicdesign marryingradical experienceand aesthetics.


Devialet Intelligence Processor: Phantom includes our powerful Devialet Intelligence Processor (gathering SAM, ADH, Class A, Magic Wire, DAC) which helps deliver improved sound quality. Phantom’s signal processing and amplification performance is embedded in a SoC (system on a chip), which was custom designed foroptimal integration. The results? Enhanced heat dissipation for optimal performance at any volume, better energy efficiency, and barely measurable distortion, saturation, or noise.

SAM: Speaker Active Matching, is a software algorithm designed to deliver extreme fidelity throughout playback while protecting yourspeaker. Whether you are dealing with transient or steady-state signals, SAM® is able to process more information than previously thought possible. This enables Phantom to reproduce the exact tempo of your music, at all frequencies. All of it, with absolute precision. So that you can experience every last emotion, just as the artist intended.

ADH: Analog Digital Hybrid, is Devialet’s signature patented technology. In a truly groundbreaking feat, an analog amplifier teams up with four digital amplifiers. Working in parallel, the analog amplifier reproduces an unspoiled signal and sends it to the digital amplifiers, which are able to translate it digitally. In other words, ADH combines the sophistication of analog with the power and miniaturization of digital for the first time. It has been called revolutionary.

HBI: Heart Bass Implosion, developed exclusively for Phantom, lets you feel infrabass frequencies —all the way down to 14Hz. Engineered to perform under extreme constraints, Phantom’s hermetically sealed architecture consists of two lateral woofers. When cued, they begin to dance in sync, creating opposing forces that cancel out even the slightest vibrations and generate ultra-dense sound, the kind your bones perceive before your ears.


Multiroom: Syncyourentirehome in symphonyor streamsomethingdifferentin everyroom thanksto yourDevialetApp. WithMultiroom, thereare nowevenmore waysto play.

Stereo: Phantom’ssoundstageexpandsevenfurtherand listeningtakeson a new dimension as the speakers dance in absolutesynchronicity.

Connectivity: Whetheryou’reusedto Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, opticalor analog, Phantom’sopen architecture letsyougetstraight to the music you love.

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