Monitor Audio Bronze AMS Dolby Atmos Speakers

Monitor Audio Bronze AMS Dolby Atmos Speakers

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The Monitor Audio Bronze Atmos speaker features Dolby Atmos® technology to bring soundtracks to life. This audio experience immerses you in flowing audio with vivid realism. The experience is heightened by positioning the speaker directly on top of your front or rear speakers in a two or four Dolby Atmos® enabled speaker set-up introducing you to a whole new world of audio.

Monitor Audio’s first Dolby Atmos® enabled speaker module features a 25mm C-CAM Gold dome Tweeter with optimised waveguide and a 4” C-CAM Mid-Bass Driver to deliver a powerful entertainment experience. Dolby Atmos® allows greater sound flexibility as they are no longer constrained to channels. Instead they can be moved around in a three-dimensional space. It is this that creates a stunning audio atmosphere and enables the sensation of height. The result is astounding detail from richness to clarity and depth which thrills your senses. The Monitor Audio Bronze Atmos up-firing speaker is made to sit on top of the Bronze 50 and Bronze 200 speakers or it can be used as a height speaker without Atmos functionality in a home cinema system.


  • Optimised Waveguide: The tweeter’s directivity pattern can be tightly controlled to maximise reflected sound off the ceiling and minimising direct sound creating a realistic height source and lifelike sound.
  • Dolby Atmos® approved add-on module: Reflects sound off the ceiling in a home cinema system to create another dimension.
  • Added atmosphere: Can be positioned directly on top of the front and/or rear speakers in a two or four Dolby Atmos® enabled speaker setup.
  • Accurate performance: Sealed cabinet to ensure quality performance when installed close to a wall or in restricted voids.


  • Styled to match Bronze 50 and Bronze 200 speakers: Can be positioned perfectly on top of compatible speakers for use in any AV home cinema system.
  • Discreet design: Can be used as separate height surround speakers.


  • Silver-plated Pureflow oxygen-free copper internal cabling: High-quality current transfer through the signal chain.
  • High-quality gold-plated bi-wire terminals.
  • Switchable di-pole/ bi-pole configuration: For use when changing the phasing for AV systems – handed pairs.


  • Dedicated keyhole wall-mounts included for easy installation and flush-to-wall placement. Note: When wall-mounted, the speaker no longer works to Dolby Atmos® principles.  

Additional Use:

  • Compatible with Silver 50 and Silver 200 speakers: Can additionally be used with Silver Series AV system set ups.

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