Triangle Borea BRA1 Atmos Speakers

Triangle Borea BRA1 Atmos Speakers

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Key info

The Borea BRA1 speakers, dedicated to the reproduction of sound effects, are an ideal complement to your home theater set-up.

Build a powerful home theater system that ranges from a 3.1.2 to a 9.2.4 configuration and enjoy clear, dynamic, and precise sound for an immersive and heart-pounding experience.

Sound opening and consistency

To ensure a consistent sound, the BRA1 speakers use the same technologies as the current Borea range: an EFS fabric dome tweeter combined with a natural cellulose paper membrane driver. Triangle stands out due to the presence of this 16 cm driver offering the great open sound, the brand is known for.

Adaptative crossover

The versatility of the BRA1 speakers is enhanced by a crossover which can be adjusted depending on their use.

To overcome the directivity of high frequencies, the BRA1 have a switch on the terminal to adjust the crossover as applicable.

Placed on top of the main speakers, the BRA1 have a different behavior than a traditional direct dispersion speaker. It is therefore necessary to compensate for the directivity in order to maintain the entire bandwidth that is altered by the sound wave reflection.

Two-way crossover

Two types of crossovers are available, a linear one for direct dispersion of horizontal effects, and an upward crossover to compensate for the losses associated with indirect dispersion of vertical 3D effects.

Sound wave reflection : The speakers are placed on top of the main speakers, with the BRA1 angled up, using the sound wave reflection principle, thus adding a new vertical dimension.
Direct dispersion : The speakers are placed on the back or side walls thanks to their dedicated mounting system. With an angled front, the BRA1s allow for precise and direct targeting of the sound waves towards the listener.

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