Dynaudio Contour 20 Bookshelf Speakers

Dynaudio Contour 20 Bookshelf Speakers

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The Contour 20 is a stand mounting design suiting small to medium listening rooms. The Contour 20 offers Dynaudio’s signature beautiful clear midrange and a taut, dynamic bass response.

The all-new Contour uses the ultra-pure, ultra-clear Esotar2 fabric soft-dome tweeter as featured it the highest quality Dynaudio speaker designs. It’s Dynaudio’s finest tweeter and commonly regarded as one of the world’s best-ever drivers.

In order to compliment one of the finest tweeters ever they have developed new one-piece extended-excursion woofers that are packed with new technology. They are simply not utilised on any other speaker design anywhere!

The entire crossover has been re-designed, including using ultra high-quality Mundorf capacitors and a brand-new wiring configuration for even better bass.

Ultimately all this awesome new technology is wrapped in a stunning brand-new, elegant and sleek looking cabinet that provides a solid foundation for the drivers to do their job. It’s a masterpiece both visually and sonically. The sonic benefits of this cabinet are substantial: reduced high-frequency diffractions, improved off-axis listening to name a few. They are built with genuine Dynaudio craftsmanship in a process that takes 3 weeks, 11 stages of lacquer, and 16 pieces of sand paper.

The contour 20 is a simple 2 way design equipped with it’s sweet-toned Esotar2 soft-dome tweeter that has been a legend in its own right for years. It’s commonly regarded as one of the world’s best-ever drivers! The extended-excursion 18cm woofer, though, is a brand new design to compliment the awesome tweeter. It’s powered by a lightweight aluminium voice-coil and a vented dual-ferrite magnet system. It’s made from MSP – a material Dynaudio developed themselves, and have been using in their drivers since 1985. MSP gives exactly the right combination of stiffness and damping – which you’ll hear as exactly the right combination of power, finesse, and control – Everthing a Contour series speaker is expected to deliver in spades!

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