JBL 4312G Bookshelf Speakers

JBL 4312G Bookshelf Speakers

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Ready to Play Loud, Long, and Clear: JBL 4312G Bookshelf Loudspeakers Are Direct Descendants of Studio Monitors Responsible for Mixing More Classic Albums Than Any in History.

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Speaker characteristics
Frequency range 44Hz – 40kHz (-6dB)
Recommended Amplifier Power 10-200 Watts RMS
Sensitivity 90dB
Impedance 6 Ohms
Crossover frequency 640Hz, 5kHz

Forget, for a moment, that the JBL 4312G bookshelf loudspeakers weigh a hefty 52.4 pounds a piece and measure 23.5 x 14.25 x 12 (HWD) inches, dimensions that attest to their very noticeable performance and rock-solid construction. For now, let’s go back in time. Because if you peered into the hallowed professional recording and mastering studios of the 1970s, chances are you’d find they all shared something in common: JBL 4310 and 4311s, monitors that served as the engineers’ guide for mixing down more iconic jazz and rock albums than any other speaker in history. Such are the benchmark levels of convincing realism, unblemished clarity, powerful dynamics, and tonal accuracy they established – and the very feats that make the models’ direct descendant, 4312G, a standard-bearer today. We cannot overemphasize the elevated degree with which 4312G delivers thundering bass, crystalline highs, outstanding dynamics, and insightful details no matter how loud you want to listen.


Designed to play loud and long with fatigue-free sonics, and invested with an efficient 90dB sensitivity, each of these dedicated left-right speakers features a 12-inch pure-pulp woofer, five-inch midrange with polymer-coated pure pulp cone, and speedy one-inch magnesium/aluminum dome tweeter. Front-panel attenuators for both the mid- and high-frequency drivers allow you to dial-in the sound to your specifications and preferences. You can even place 4312G horizontally or vertically, or choose to shelf- or stand-mount it. 4312G’s sleek, black, wood-grain finish and beefy cabinets complete a loudspeaker ready to play loud and long. We wish every monitor speaker was this cool!


Matched Mirror-Image Pairs Open Up Placement and Positioning Options 
Designed and engineered in Northridge, California, 4312G are built in matched mirror-image pairs to allow for a wide variety of placement and positioning applications. In classic studio monitor fashion, they can be positioned horizontally or vertically and with the tweeters to the inside or outside of the listening position – and they can be shelf- or stand-mounted. This flexibility makes them capable of serving equal duty in small, intimate listening environments or in larger rooms without sacrificing detail and coherent stereo soundstage and image quality.

Advanced JBL Driver and Tweeter Technology
Utilizing a compact monitor-type footprint, 4312SE features advanced JBL transducers including the 12-inch pure pulp cone woofer, five-inch midrange, and one-inch aluminum/magnesium-alloy dome tweeter. Front-panel mid- and high-frequency trim controls, a bass-reflex enclosure with front-firing port, binding-post speaker terminals, and a black wood-grain finish with removable grille round out out 4312G.

An Unparalleled History of Great Loudspeaker Design
JBL plays an indirect or direct role in practically everything you hear today. From pioneering motion-picture sound to its long history in the world’s finest recording studios and concert venues to creating dozens of high-end loudspeaker technologies – including “firsts” for woofers, transducers, drivers, and coils – JBL has changed how everyone listens. Music Direct is honored to carry several very special models previously only available in Japan. Renowned for lifelike dynamics and beguiling high-frequency extension, they will continue to transform how you hear.

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