KEF Reference 1 Bookshelf Speakers

KEF Reference 1 Bookshelf Speakers

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Smart use of innovative KEF technology means that with Reference 1 you don’t need a big cabinet to enjoy expansive, high-performance sound.

The KEF Reference 1 is the latest model of KEF’s brilliant reference series. The Reference 1 is designed for the audio enthusiast who desires nothing but the very best from their systems. This reference speaker delivers realistic sound, musicality, a vast emotional range and true depth of the original performance. This model is the bookshelf/stand-mount of the range, and insists that there is little need for a large cabinet to experience expansive, elite quality sound. Ideal for a smaller scale system or to use as part of a surround sound system.

The Reference 1 features the breathtaking performance and state of the art engineering that pioneered the critically-acclaimed LS50, and takes it to a whole new level. The Reference 1 differs from the original Reference range in that it uses a version of KEF’s reputable Uni-Q driver arrangement to drive an immersive and compelling soundstage which holds its minuscule dimensions. Mounted onto a stand or shelf, Uni-Q’s imaging and sound dispersion is so expansive and immersive that they can be used as either stereo speakers in a conventional hi-fi system, as well as the perfect rear channel in a reference home cinema setup for the AV devotee who wants to experience their favourite movies and shows exactly how they were intended to be experienced.

The premium look and feel to the Reference 1 is available in two beautiful finishes. Designed to be furniture as much as they are a brilliant piece of hi-fi. The Reference 1 is sure to be the focal point of the room.

Uni-Q Driver Array

The focal point of the Reference 1’s design is the breathtaking new take of KEF’s incomparable innovation: Uni-Q point source MF/HF driver array. Included is an innovative aluminium 25mm vented dome tweeter placed at the precise acoustic centre of a highly advanced 125mm mid-range driver. These combined act as one single source that fills the listening space evenly with a fully intact life-like sound-field, wherever you sit. This enables the capture of all the tiny nuances of the human voice, whether sung, spoken or whispered, the result is sound that feels like the person is performing there with you in the room.

Bass Drivers

The bass is clear and rich, grounding your enjoyment of stereo or multi-channel audio. KEF’s new 165mm (6.5 inch) LF driver is in its own class. Featuring a large aluminium material wire voice coil driving an extraordinarily light, rigid and sturdy cone made with alloy and huge vented magnet assembly, the power handling and dynamics are superior. Whether your music is played loud or soft, in delicate passages or for booming bass effects, the combined advanced materials and genius engineering provides deeply gratifying low frequencies that blend smoothly with Uni-Q’s flawless treble and midrange response.

Composite Front Baffle

The drivers are set in a distinct and smooth front baffle that has been engineered to remove response irregularities caused by sound wave diffraction. The laminated aluminium/resin composite is an extremely rigid and sturdy material, and held in place with high tensile bolts and high-loss pads. All of this combined provides incredible stability to the stationary cabinet.

Flexible Port Technology

The Reference 1 features state of the art ports that are adjustable for fine-tuning the bass output to your personal preference and to suit the rooms layout and acoustics. This flexible port technology developed for the award winning LS50 is used to remove port resonance from the mid range frequencies. The profile and flare of every port is calculated by computational fluid dynamics to deter unwanted air noise that might effect the audio.

Crossover Design

The KEF engineers modelled the ideal crossover networks with computer-aided technology before painstakingly trialling each premium grade component both separately and combined, to choose those with the smoothest response and lowest possible. Perfectionism takes a lot of time and effort, but it is easy to hear the difference it has made. No small detail has been overlooked – the Reference crossovers are decoupled from the walls of the cabinet and mounted on separate boards to ensure the very least amount of crosstalk and vibration possible.

Cabinet Design

The cabinets are finished by hand in matching wood veneers to pair perfectly with the composite front baffle. The bracing geometry and shape of the cabinets were computer-optimised to reduce distortion from standing waves and secondary radiation from the cabinet walls. Constrained layer damping absorbs surplus vibrations, they’re designed to remove any resonance from the panels, box colouration effects or stray reflections that would compromise the accuracy of the sound.

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