Klipsch R-15PM Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Klipsch R-15PM Powered Bookshelf Speakers

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The R-15PM powered bookshelf monitors deliver incredible sound room-filling sound without the bulk. This set of speakers highly efficient, yet powerful and can be connected with a PC, TV or turntable without a receiver via Bluetooth.

Klipsch R-15PM Powered Bookshelf Speakers

There are many lifestyle audio products on the market today, but many of them are little more than toys for electronic devices. Klipsch is one company that’s been around for decades and is still committed to designing and producing attractive audio products that work well. Klipsch’s R-15PM powered monitors is a performance-first powered speaker system worth taking a look at.

Two of its components include 2-way bookshelf-style loudspeakers. This system offers the flexibility and connectivity that true audiophiles desire. There is even a remote control. This system is a standalone so that you can listen to vinyl records or whatever you wish, without having to purchase a separate receiver.


The Klipsch’s R-15PM has five inputs—analogue stereo (with phono), Bluetooth, optical digital, RCA, 3.5mm analog stereo, and USB. These monitors connect to almost any type of source out there. You can even attach them to a Chromecast audio, laptop, smartphone, turnable, or TV. They can be connected at the same time, and preselected with your remote control. You can also use the rear-mounted rotary volume or source selection control on the back.

The speakers have special features, including a 2-way design and a 5.25” woofer with 1” aluminum compression-driver horn-loaded tweeter to provide the best sound quality. These are powered speakers, with a passive crossover at 1800 Hz. Frequency response is specified from 62 Hz to 24 kHz ( /-3 dB). Each speaker runs on 50 watts of amplification.

The subwoofer output has an adjustable gain so you can easily increase the system’s bass response by adding an optional Klipsch subwoofer.

One feature these speakers don’t have but that you need to be aware of, is that they do not have an EQ or tone control adjustment.

The remote control is small and compact enough to fit in the hand. It’s credit card sized. You can choose any music or sound source you wish, plus adjust the volume. If you have an attached subwoofer, you can also adjust the levels.


It’s super easy to set up your Klipsch’s R-15PM. First, you connect the left or passive speaker to the active or right one with the included cable. That’s it, now you’re ready to listen to music!


You’ll gain outstanding performance, no matter what you’re listening to. The sound is clear, dynamic, and non-fatiguing. These compact speakers offer a rock-solid performance with bass production that’s at a great price level.

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