Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 Standmount Bookshelf Speakers

Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 Standmount Bookshelf Speakers

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The Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 Standmount Speakers are the largest bookshelf speakers in the Diamond 12 series, generating powerful and room-filling sound for your stereo or home cinema setup. With a Klarity midrange/bass driver and a dome tweeter, the Diamond 12.2 presents an open and dynamic sound.

Featuring a newly developed Klarity cone material, the Diamond 12.2 speakers reproduce low frequencies with accuracy and speed. A blend of polypropylene and mica produce a stiff driver that remains lightweight, resulting in low colouration and a lightning-fast response. With a low-damping surround, the 6.5 inch driver on the Diamond 12.2 standmount speakers deliver sound with a flat response curve and expressive dynamics. A precision-made magnet system with an aluminium compensation ring minimises variations in the voice coil, creating less overall distortion.

The 1 inch dome tweeter featured on the Wharfedale Diamond 12 series is woven from a polyester film with a high-loss coating, helping to deliver smooth and open high frequencies. With an optimised front plate and magnet system, the tweeter is capable of wide dispersion throughout the room. The voice coil is wound on a high-power epoxy/glass fibre bobbin, giving a greater performance than usually found at this level, with improved power handling for clarity and punch.

The Diamond 12.2 bookshelf speakers employ a crossover network with an acoustic LKR 24dB topology, including air-core inductors to produce the lowest levels of distortion. The rear port allows for extra bass extension, and intelligent spot bracing inside the cabinet helps to achieve minimum levels of resonance. The opposite walls of the cabinet are connected with a specific form of wood brace, precisely modelled by computer simulation to reduce vibrations as much as possible.


  • Klarity midrange/bass driver using a blend of polypropylene and mica
  • 6.5 inch midrange/bass driver
  • 1 inch textile dome tweeter with wide dispersion
  • Crossover with air-core inductors for low distortion
  • Intelligent Spot Bracing dampens unwanted vibrations in the cabinet

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