Focal Aria CC900 Centre Speaker

Focal Aria CC900 Centre Speaker

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The CC 900 centre is the heart of the Focal Aria range and your 5.1 set up. It complements other Aria speakers both aesthetically and sonically delivering the same superb performance.

The Focal Aria CC 900 is a 2 way centre speaker designed to match the rest of the stunning Aria range, both aesthetically and sonically. A centre speaker is an extremely significant part of any AV speaker system, so ensuring it delivers is key! The Aria CC 900 can easily combine with the rest of the Aria range, and delivers the same superb performance. The CC 900 was developed with particular attention to timbre-matching in order to obtain sonic coherence and homogeneity across a range of applications.

Seamless integration with the Aria range can be ensured by the CC 900’s use of the same Flax cone and TNF tweeter technology, which have proved integral to the superb performance and neutrality of the Aria range.

The Aria CC 900 features an incredibly smooth and detailed high range, thanks to the TNF tweeter with poron suspension. The polyurethane tweeter plate with waveguide offer improved horizontal directivity and improved sound stage, while the flax midrange cones ensure midrange neutrality and dynamic and impactful bass presence.

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