Tannoy Revolution XT C Centre Speaker

Tannoy Revolution XT C Centre Speaker

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Tannoy Revolution XT C speaker works best as a centre channel speaker, and is meant to work with your home theatre configuration. Together, they’ll soundcraft an amazing home cinema experience. This speaker is idea for movie dialogue and vocal reproduction. It has a compact 100 mm (4 inch) Omnimagnet Dual Concentric driver from the XT Mini. This provides for supremely articulate presentation in any room.

Tannoy Revolution XT C speaker has an Omnimagnet dual that is augmented with twin 100 mm (4 inch) mid/bass drivers. This has the benefit of delivering nice deep bass sounds that drop as low as 62 Hz. This brings more authentic presence to movie dialogue just as if you were really there. The speakers are built within a compact cabinet that utilises a low colouration trapezoid shape. It also has extensive bracing to further increase the accuracy of the audio output. It has a nice variety on the XT-series plinth with a unique design. This allows the speaker to be angled to your preferences, from low, medium, or high.

There is a three-point contact with the speaker so that it is always stable on a shelf or table. You have the choice of two different veneers—medium oak or dark walnut. You’ll appreciate how Tannoy Revolution XT sets the standard for all smaller stand-mount loudspeakers at this price point. You’ll appreciate the high attention to detail that makes these speakers truly hand-crafted. Note the heavy duty terminals and full-baffle grille with magnetic mounts, that look great, whether you have them on or off.

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