Bowers & Wilkins 702 Signature Floorstanding Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins 702 Signature Floorstanding Speakers

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The Bowers and Wilkins 702 Signature Speakers expand on the performance of the 702 floorstanders, with optimised crossovers for its drivers, including the Carbon Dome tweeter housed in a solid body Tweeter-on-Top enclosure.

With a sharp edgy design, the 702 Signature speakers by Bowers & Wilkins offer a tremendous acoustic experience. The stable and sleek body enhance the aesthetic appeal of this floor-standing speaker. It offers a high-end amplified audio playback and features a 46 Hz to 28 kHz frequency response and houses a 6-inch Continuum cone midrange driver, three 6.5-inch Aerofoil Profile cone woofers, and 1-inch decoupled carbon dome to offer pristine sound experience.

The 702 Signature speakers use studio-grade technology inspired by the 800 series Diamond range to transform and amplify sound. The highly durable and reliable decoupled carbon dome tweeter enhances sound imaging with a focus on accuracy and detail. It delivers every voice, instrument, and music of all audio sources with precision and purity with the help of a Continuum cone midrange driver to ensure a smooth sound experience.

The design of the B&W 702 Signature speakers showcases excellent craftsmanship as it is finished with nine coats of primer, lacquer, and base coat to ensure lustrous appearance. The speaker has a Signature identity plate on its rear panel with metal trim rings around bass and midrange cones. The silver-finished tweeter grills make a stunning difference to the look. The cabinets of this luxurious speaker are wrapped in Datuk gloss wood finish. The tweeter enclosure is ground from a concrete aluminium block, which works as a heatsink for the carbon dome. The design is an amalgamation of the speakers from the 700 series and 800 Diamond series.

The intriguingly-designed wing-shaped form of the Aerofoil Profile bass cone provides rigidity and stiffness to the needed areas to deliver dynamic, clear, and accurate bass. The lavish and luxurious appeal is guaranteed with this floor speaker. This sleek and elegant speaker is designed to absorb any resonance in the atmosphere to offer cleaner sound surround. The Continuum fibres are used in creating the mid-range drivers other than aramid to ensure superior sound transparency.

Key Features:

  • Signature edition of the 702 floor standing speakers
  • Three aerofoil profile bass woofers
  • Continuum cone midrange with decoupled Carbon dome tweeter-on-top design
  • Finished in a luxurious Datuk wood gloss
  • Optimised tweeter in aluminium housing for clear and detailed high frequencies
  • Refined, articulate bass

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