JBL Everest DD67000 Tower Speakers

JBL Everest DD67000 Tower Speakers

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Hear What It Is Like at the Peak….World-Class JBL Project Everest DD67000 Tower Loudspeaker System plays with unreserved realism, superlative dynamics, and consummate authority.

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Speaker characteristics
Frequency range 29Hz – 60kHz (half space); 45Hz – 60kHz (anechoic)
Recommended Amplifier Power 500 watts
Sensitivity 96dB
Impedance 8 ohms
Crossover frequency 150Hz

Music is our personal freedom. It’s how we define ourselves and to what we turn for celebration, consolation, catharsis, liberation, inspiration, relaxation, entertainment, nourishment, reassurance, and fun. Our involved relationships with beloved artists, songs, and albums remind us of growing up and growing wiser – all the while taking us to places familiar and new. Recognizing that music functions as the ultimate emotional and transportive device when heard without limitations, JBL Project Everest DD67000 tower loudspeakers exist to make such coveted experiences come alive. This world-class system plays with unrestricted realism, superlative dynamics, revelatory detail, breathtaking transparency, pristine articulation, authoritative slam, and spellbinding effortlessness. Flawless? Perhaps. The conduit to live out your dreams in the real world shouldn’t be anything less.

Project Everest DD67000 comes loaded with many of the most advanced drivers, components, horn assemblies, and controls in the world. Dual 15-inch, three-layer-sandwich cone woofers preserve neutrality, dampen resonances, and smooth frequency response. Its four-inch pure-beryllium compression driver features four-inch, edge-wound, aluminum voice coil for exceedingly low distortion. A one-inch pure-beryllium diaphragm touts pure-magnesium phasing plug for incredible stiffness, power handling, and accuracy. JBL’s proprietary Bi-Radial horns beget exacting imaging, natural acoustics, and vibration-resistant performance. State-of-the-art enclosure construction, front-mounted control panels for custom tuning, and bi-wiring/bi-amping options further this consummate musical instrument’s brilliance. If you want to both hear and see what life is like at the peak, Project Everest DD67000 will take you there. Just one word of caution: You’ll never want to return.


“JBL’s flagship Everest DD67000s won’t fail to blow you away. They allow forensic inspection of recordings and deliver revelatory detail, as if you were sitting at the mixing desk in a studio control room, yet without any of that brittle treble, or ‘matter-of-factness’, often experienced from studio monitors.”
– Hi-Fi News, Outstanding Product Award


JBL: A History of Transforming Listening
JBL plays an indirect or direct role in practically everything you hear today. From pioneering motion-picture sound to its long history in the world’s finest recording studios and concert venues to creating dozens of high-end loudspeaker technologies – including “firsts” for woofers, transducers, drivers, and coils – JBL has changed how everyone listens. Music Direct is honored to carry several very special models previously only available in Japan. Renowned for lifelike dynamics and beguiling high-frequency extension, they will continue to transform how you hear.

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