Triangle Borea BR10 Floorstanding Speakers

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Triangle Borea BR10 Floorstanding Speakers

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Key info

  • Dual 8″ bass drivers, 6″ midrange, and 25mm EFS tweeter offer broad bandwidth and signature Triangle sound.
  • New fiberglass membrane bass driver design delivers smooth, fast, and controlled low-end frequencies.
  • Dual terminal wiring allows for bi-wiring or bi-amping configurations, enhancing flexibility.
  • With 200 watts RMS power handling and 92dB sensitivity, pairs well with high-rated amplifiers for exceptional low-end performance.
  • Versatile for stereo, multi-channel, or home theater setups in rooms sized 30 square meters and beyond.

All specifications

Physical characteristics
Weight 29.5 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 265 x 1110 x 380 mm
Speaker characteristics
Sensitivity 92dB/W/m
Power Handling 200W
Frequency Response 30Hz-22kHz (+/-3dB)

A Solid Ten

The largest and highest performing model within Triangle’s Borea range, the BR10 is equipped with newly designed dual 8″ bass drivers, a 6″ midrange and 25mm EFS tweeter for desirably broad bandwidth along with signature Triangle sonic touches.

Triangle’s brand new Borea bass driver design features a fiberglass membrane along with a powerful motor, which combined are capable of producing remarkably smooth, fast and controlled low-end.

The BR10 driver array is also wired using a new architecture that utilises a separate crossover system and dual terminal for bi-wiring or bi-amping where desired.

Able Power Handling

Thanks to an impressive power handling ceiling of 200 watts RMS and a sensitivity rating of 92dB, the BR10 can be easily twinned with some of the highest rated power amplifiers on the market with exceptional low-end performance every time.

Their versatility also makes the BR10s an equally great component choice for multi-channel or home theatre configurations alongside regular stereo listening systems sized 30 square metres and beyond.

EFS Tweeter

The tweeter used in Borea range loudspeakers benefits from a new-generation system called EFS (Efficient Flow System). This is based on the combination of a 25mm silk dome renowned for its neutrality, and a phasing element specifically developed to homogenize high-frequency diffusion. This system drastically reduces the directivity factor, whatever your listening position in the room. The loudspeaker’s membrane is placed inside a horn, limiting edge effects for clear, limpid high-frequency reproduction. The transducer is powered by a neodymium magnet motor, capable of generating high magnetic power in a compact package. It is combined with a heatsink to guarantee better power handling.

Natural cellulose midrange

The speakers in the Borea range use a midrange driver with a 100% natural cellulose pulp cone, untreated. This avoids any coloration of the midrange frequencies, to reproduce voices realistically, while offering a characteristic grain of the finest effect. The diaphragm profile has been reworked to increase rigidity and improve frequency response.

New generation of woofers

Unlike all Borea loudspeakers, the BR10 is equipped with 21cm transducers for low-frequency reproduction. These use a fiberglass membrane and a large motorization, perfectly adapted to the load volume. Developed by Triangle, this loudspeaker model is also equipped with a new bowl for optimum ventilation and excellent power handling. A new half-roll suspension is also integrated to perfectly control diaphragm excursion. Low frequencies are reproduced forcefully without drowning out the rest of the spectrum.

Optimized filtering and dual terminals

Triangle Borea BR10 loudspeakers are the first to feature an architecture with a separate crossover system. This allows bi-wiring or bi-amplification, in conjunction with the on-board dual terminal blocks.

DVAS system

Following extensive research into ways of reducing internal cabinet vibrations, the Borea range of loudspeakers incorporates perforated internal panels made of MDF and EVA foam, to stiffen the transducer and cabinet assembly. This process reduces structural vibrations, while absorbing those generated by low frequencies. This proprietary system, developed by Triangle and called DVAS (Driver Vibration Absorption System), uses a high-density EVA foam gasket at the end of each internal bracing, ensuring perfect contact between the driver and the bracing, and greatly attenuating the vibrations generated by the driver, which transfers only a small amount of vibration to the cabinet. When you listen to it, this DVAS system ensures great neutrality and clarity, without sound coloration.

Magnetic cover

All speakers in the Borea range benefit from a magnetic protective cover, revealing no screws or inserts.

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