Wharfedale Elysian 4 Floorstanding Speakers

Wharfedale Elysian 4 Floorstanding Speakers

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The Wharfedale Elysian 4 Floorstanding Speakers are the new flagship loudspeakers delivering a luxury audio experience with a high frequency transducer, 6.5 inch midrange driver and two 8 inch bass drivers for a full frequency response with transparency and detail for your listening experience.

The Wharfedale Elysian 4 floorstanders use the AMT (Air Motion Transformer) with a large, pleated, lightweight diaphragm is driven across its surface by rows of strategically placed metallic strips immersed in a strong magnetic field. The AMT is a velocity, rather than pressure, transducer, capable of producing extremely fast transients and dynamics. The result is a wide bandwidth device that achieves low distortion naturally and delivers wonderful musical detail.

To match the sensitivity and accuracy of the AMT, the Elysian 4 uses a unique woven glass fibre matrix for the 6.5 inch cone, which giving a combination of low mass and strength, with a coating of high plasticity to control its acoustic behaviour. A central phase plug is specially shaped to linearise the output across a wide bandwidth, even well off-axis, to enhance a natural response to the music which can be heard anywhere you wish to sit.

The dual 8 inch bass units are loaded by the most advanced version of the unique Wharfedale Slot Port yet; the SLPP (Slot Loaded Profiled Port) the rear output of the bass units is not wasted. Instead the lowest frequency energy is vented to a slot at the base of the speaker, specially profiled to equalize the high internal pressure to the low pressure in the room. Overall system sensitivity is incredibly high, typically more than 92dB output for just 1 watt of input, allowing any amplifier to reveal the full dynamic range of the music fed to it without any strain or limitation. In combination the bass units and SLPP bass reflex system provide the massive foundation on which the rest of the musical performance sits, letting you feel as well as hear the full impact of thunderous low frequency information.

Combining the outputs of the drivers is an advanced computer modelled crossover that has been developed over hundreds of hours of listening tests, fine-tuned to make sure that the blend between the drive units is seamless. From the genuine Piano-Lacquer finished cabinet, created with details of true craftsmanship, through to the AMT (Air Motion Transformer) high frequency transducers and European manufactured bass drivers, Elysian represents a new standard in the world of home audio experiences.


  • AMT lightweight high frequency transducer
  • 6.5 inch woven glass fibre matrix midrange driver
  • Dual 8 inch glass fibre bass drivers for low frequency
  • Wharfedale Slot Loaded Profiled Port for extended bass response
  • High quality crossover for fine-tuned driver blend
  • Piano lacquer finish in black, white and walnut

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