Naim Uniti Star + Focal Kanta No2

Naim Uniti Star + Focal Kanta No2

Key info

Expertly-matched system pairing the Naim Uniti Star and Focal Kanta No2 floorstanding speakers.

Uniti Star

Naim Uniti Star All-in-One System is packed with plenty of features offering the ability to play, rip, store and serve your prized music collection. It boasts higher power output at 70W per channel than the 40W Uniti Atom and is the only uniti model to include a CD player.

Kanta No2

Kanta No2 Speakers is a highly original 3-way floor standing model designed to reconnect you with your music. Kanta is entirely dedicated to acoustic performance and has a resolutely disruptive aesthetic.

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