Bowers & Wilkins CCM632 In-Ceiling Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins CCM632 In-Ceiling Speakers

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The Bowers and Wilkins CCM632 In Ceiling Speakers deliver crystal clarity in high frequencies, warm and controlled bass response and dynamic midrange. All whilst boasting a simple “ZipDogs” method of installation and remaining next to invisible

Bowers and Wilkins remain one of the leading manufacturers of hi-fi speakers, and the Bowers and Wilkins CCM632 In Ceiling Speakers have only helped to further solidify that claim. Designed in such a way as to offer a high fidelity sound response whilst remaining almost invisible, these 6″ diameter speakers will deliver a well-balanced reproduction of your audio, with absolute clarity in high-frequencies, dynamic midrange and the warm and controlled bass that you would now come to expect from any Bowers and Wilkins product, such is the consistency of their impressive range.

Supplied here as a stereo pair, the CCM632s include both round and square grilles that will attach easily and securely to the speaker using a magnetic connection system. This option will allow you to pick and choose whichever style you think best suits your home décor.

When it comes to mounting your speakers, the setup is so simple, you will be up and running in almost no time. Utilising the new application method that has been named “ZipDogs”, which greatly improves upon the pre-existing “QuickDogs” method, the CCM632s are quickly fastened from the front using three cable ties. This will allow you to place the speaker into the ceiling without having to put your hand inside the mounting hole, an ideal solution as the speaker use an integral enclosure that has been designed to greatly reduce any acoustic sound from bleeding into adjoining space and upstairs rooms.

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