Dali Phantom E-60 S Ceiling Speaker

Dali Phantom E-60 S Ceiling Speaker

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Key info

Enjoy an incredibly discreet flush fit with the E-60 S, designed to deliver a high quality audio experience from in your ceilings or walls.

Dali Phantom E-60 S Ceiling Speaker is the first custom install stereo speaker from the Danish hifi specialists. It’s compact build features two 20mm soft dome tweeters, a design customised for a seamless fit in any wall and ability to fill any room large or small.

Invisible Design

The Phantom E-60 S is part of Dali’s Phantom E-series for custom installation. You can place this speaker anywhere in a room, even at challenging positions and on-off axis due to two audio settings used to adjust the performance of the speaker. It has a near invisible design with super slim magnetic front grilles that blend near perfectly into any ceiling. The grilles can be painted to match any interior, offering an ultra discreet installation.

Easy Installation

You don’t have to worry about a complicated setup as these E-60 S uses a dogleg mounting system that reduces the installation process to a simple one-step action. You just tighten the dedicated screws to swing out the dogleg brackets and you’re done.

Secure Fit

These in ceiling speakers are wide dispersion which is great for use flush mounting against a wall or ceiling. Thicker materials have been used for the outer edges to ensure a stronger, more secure fit against the mounting area and improve speaker rigidity.

Unique Crossover

The E-60 S has a signal path in a dual mono construction with separate inputs and crossover PCB’s for each channel. The crossover is uniquely designed for the E-60 S and uses PTC to safeguard the driver components from damage and overheating caused by very loud volumes of play. Rattling is also eliminated due to optimised internal wiring within the speaker.

Soft-Dome Tweeters

Featuring two 2mm super lightweight soft dome tweeters coupled with Phantom’s acclaimed polypropylene woofer to deliver a top class two-channel performance. Stereo performance is optimised due to an 144mm distance between the tweeters, and discrete right and left signals from input to drivers thanks to the separate crossover boards.

Flexible Woofer

The woofer is super flexible, allowing the Phantom E-60 S to be used in spaces traditional Dali speakers are unable to. It has a tilted and angled woofer for an enhanced sound staging and better directionality. It uses a low loss cone, magnet motor system and surround for a high quality home audio experience.

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