Monitor Audio CP-IW260X In Wall Speaker (Single)

Monitor Audio CP-IW260X In Wall Speaker (Single)

Key info

A luxury speaker that uses a three way driver system and C-CAM technology in a closed box design to deliver an amazing audio performance.

Monitor Audio CP-IW260X In Wall Speaker is a premium model that combines five Monitor Audio C-CAM drivers in a 3 way system built in closed-box design. A highly efficient speaker with enhanced rigidity and damping properties.

3 Way Design

This speaker is a three way driver system with 2 C-CAM Bass drivers, 2 4 C-CAM Mid-range drivers and C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter, for dedicated performance from each unit. Each frequency is specially handled by each driver with a high end crossover design.

Compact and Flush mounting

The CP-IW260X is flush fitting and features a trimless magnetic steel grille with paintable surface that can be painted to blend seamlessly in to your home decor providing a low profile discreet installation.

Tri-Grip fixing system

Install the CP-IW260X in wall speaker with ease and without complication. Using patented Tri-Grip dog fixings that provide three times the surface area and improved sealing compared to conventional fixing systems.

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