Monitor Audio CP-WT380IDC In Wall Speaker (Single)

Monitor Audio CP-WT380IDC In Wall Speaker (Single)

Key info

Using rigid surface technology as featured in Monitor Audio’s best performing speaker systems, the CP-WT380 is enhanced with C-CAM technology to deliver a superior sonic performance

Monitor Audio CP-WT380 In Wall Speaker features a pivoting C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter alongside a 8″ C-CAM bass driver with RST cone surface for a powerful controlled performance.

C-CAM Technology

Expect powerful audio from the CP-WT380 speaker which includes an 8″ C-CAM cone bass driver and 1″ C-CAM pivoting Gold Dome tweeter. The powerful bass unit is able to reach dynamic lows whilst enjoying reduced distortion due to the Rigid Surface Technology. Monitor Audio’s pivoting Gold Dome Tweeter has a wide frequency bandwidth and is able to reproduce audio in a highly efficient, accurate way.

Compact and Flush mounting

The CP-WT380 in ceiling speaker is small in size and easy to install. It has a magnetic grille in a neutral white colour which is paintable meaning you can smoothly blend it to the decor of your walls. It features a beautifully flush mounting design for discreet installation.

Tri-Grip fixing system

Save on installation time with the CP-WT380 in wall speaker. The Controlled Performance range use patented Tri-Grip dog fixings which are easy to set up and give a secure b

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